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Once in a while you find a product, or it finds you, and you just know it’ll leave a gaping hole in your makeup bag when it’s gone…

Karin Herzog’s Vita-A-Kombi 1 (the “1” stands for 1% oxygen) is one of the hero products from the solution-oriented, highly-targetted Swiss skincare range by Nobel prize honoree Dr. Paul Herzog. Dr. Herzog succeeded in stabilising oxygen, not an easy task, by “fixing it” inside a cream and formulating it so it releases oxygen upon contact with the skin.

Without straying too far into complex scientific territory, let’s just say if you come up with a formula that optimises oxygen’s anti-bacterial, cell-feeding, skin-plumping, collagen-boosting properties, you’re on to a winner.

I trialled KH’s ‘VAK1’ (shorthand!) several weeks ago, the idea being I’d stop after a month to see if this oxygen technology delivered results (or not) for my normal-dry skin. I’d done some light research on Dr. Herzog’s oxygen-in-cream system (he named the range after his wife Karin) and I’d read some beauty features that said Kate Middleton is a fan. She is, and she has since graduated to Vita-A-Kombi 2 which is even more oxygen-enhanced, with 2%.

Fast-forward a month later and I – and my normal-dry skin – have become devout KH Vita-A-Kombi 1 followers. It doubles as a Day and Night cream, it’s really well priced at £50/50ml for such a cutting-edge cosmeceutical product and hand on heart I would probably put it in the top three day moisturisers I’ve used this year.

So thank you KH for making me look like I’ve had 10 hours sleep when I’ve really had five and more relaxed and just fresher and “plumper”.  I know I’ll be testing so much new skincare in 2013 (especially with our Awards coming up) but for me  this glossy black Swiss  jar is a keeper.

20% off OFFER
Karin Herzog is offering 20% OFF any single KH product(s) – not applicable to duos or sets – for Beauty Shortlisters. So if you want to dip into the brand or are already a KH fan, order online at KarinHerzog.co.uk before Christmas using the discount code USMWR3115 at checkout. (We don’t use affiliate links so there’s zero benefit to us, we’re just happy to be able to pass on the discount.)

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Full details on the Vita-A-Kombi 1 Day & Night Cream HERE

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