1. Ditch the people, things, job, lifestyle that don’t serve you. You may not be able to ditch them overnight, but resolve to get rid of them – soon.  Life’s way too short to be surrounded by negative energy (it’s bad for your health).
  2. Stop watching the news (or at least watch it less).  Why waste your time (life hours) soaking up the government’s/world’s problems which – in most cases – you can’t do much about.
  3. Want to attract new things (or people)? Create a vacuum. By hanging on to the old (boyfriend/job/lifestyle) you’re blocking the way for better opportunities.
  4. Tame the email dragon – try simplicity coach Simon Tyler’s tips.
  5. Do what feels right for you and be your true self. Best done from a calm, centred place (not in the midst of a drama).  You are you, they’re “them”. We’re the same…but different. If advice sounds wrong to your intuition, it (probably) is.
  6. Don’t fret about the small stuff.  So, the car’s scratched, the bus is late, the shop didn’t have your colour, you’ve put on a pound, the restaurant doesn’t have the wine you like, your lemon souffle turned out like s–t. Get over it.  Because if you have a roof over your head, clothes to wear, food to eat, friends and family who love you, enough money coming in, you’re doing better than most of the world’s population.

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