We’ve been on a find-the-perfect-cleanser mission, and found these stars and bars. Oh, and we shouldn’t be strippers (!) because over-cleansing/over-exfoliating can upset skin’s acid mantle/PH balance/good bacteria ratio = potential problems.


You know those TV ads where you send them your gold bits in an envelope and they send you cash? Well we predict a better year for silver. Intrigued by a post on  Sam’s excellent Make Up Advice Forum I had to explore those golden globes in their own exhibition cases. Cor says the Silver Soap is “a problem solver…the nano-silver formulation targets stubborn skin issues” and that it can clear acne, even skin tone, fade dark marks, balance oily T-zones, replenish lost collagen, and remove make-up while cleansing, toning and exfoliating and reducing the signs of ageing”. (Why the Nano-Silver with Silica Compound? Silver is a powerful anti-bacterial and is used on burn patients).

Well, the science makes sense. I used this for three weeks and found its slightly creamy/foamy formula remarkably balancing and really gentle – zero “tightness”. It left my skin feeling happy, soft, yes it does remove make-up and the mini-size travels well so it’s already a hit with me. 10ml travel size £15, small ball £35, and if you become addicted, the large one’s £100!


7 powerful ingredients: Cleanse + Balance + Detoxify + Restore

Great for all skin types.  No nasties, a tiny amount of wash-off gel goes a long way. Organic aloe vera leaf juice, ecocertified coconut derived cleansers, Ecoskin™, glycerin, Phylderm Vegetal`C2™, Tritisol™, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lavender, lavandin, chamomile and mandarin oils. A beauty editor favourite and one of ours now! Full lowdown at We could write two pages about why this cleanser is unlike anything we’ve come across before, so find out more and check out the delicious Mama Mio skincare range on the site. £22.50/150ml.


I’d quite happily shout about Barefoot Botanicals from a rooftop (as long as it’s not raining). Gentle enough for babies, this multi-tasking face/body cleanser features Chickweed (a white star-shaped flower used medicinally for itchy, irritated skin, psoriasis, etc.). There’s also Evening Primrose and Jojoba Oil to condition and soften dry areas (Evening Primrose is fab for eczema), Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Allantoin maintain moisture levels, Stellaria (Chickweed) and Burdock Botanical Extracts cool and soothe the skin’s surface, and Pure Essential Oils of Geranium and Lemon Tea Tree add “refreshment”.

100% natural, very therapeutic (try a tube of the SOS therapeutic hand cream if you have chronically dry hands, it might be your new skin saviour.) A truly lovely range for all the right reasons – hence the “family photo”! £16/200ml. A great weekend-away all rounder, or just use it as a facial wash and it’ll last for ages. 

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