IMEDEEN Expression Line Control Serum

You’re looking at the tall and elegant winner of the Celebs on Sunday Beauty Survey (Anti-Ageing Category, 2008)…since then, this serum has been pulling rave reviews from consumers who love not just the texture (light and lovely) but more importantly, the results.

If your skincare routine needs to go into overdrive, you might want to take a look at Imedeen’s Expression Line Control Serum.  We first tested it about a month ago, and regardless of all the science behind a product, when you keep using it, and keep going back to it, you know it’s doing something right.

Imedeen are well known for their skin and beauty supplements and what’s interesting is that they have just two skincare “creams”: this serum and their eye-targetted Expression Line Control Eye Care.  Which is probably testament to the fact that both are highly rated by consumers …so why bring out a whole range?

The star ingredients here are Imedeen’s trademarked Contra-X which helps relax the muscles responsible for expression lines, and Kinetin, which is a naturally occurring plant growth hormone and scientifically proven to combat skin’s ageing process at a profound cellular level.

Science aside, our verdict after using it for just under a month?  As a beauty investment?  Definitely worth it.

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