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It’s the much-anticipated new Top 25 list of brand founders, distributors, journalists and retailers fuelling the green beauty industry onward and upward  – at a very healthy pace, lately!

Here’s who made it on to this year’s list – congratulations, all!  Thank you (very much) for voting me into the No. 4 slot. Voting is from industry insiders, it’s not a public vote.

There’s more on this year’s “Beauty VIPs” list and you can read the write-ups on everyone on it in the brand new autumn issue of Natural Beauty News magazine.

Who’s Who in Natural Beauty, 2018

  1. Jayn Sterland, Weleda
  2. Jo-Anne Chidley, Beauty Kitchen
  3. Lorraine Dallmeier, Formula Botanica
  4. Fiona Klonarides, The Beauty Shortlist
  5. Kim & Alexander Barani, Kinetic
  6. Sonia White, Amarya
  7. Imelda Burke, content wellbeing and beauty
  8. Lou Dartford, makeup artist and beauty blogger
  9. Lisa Basso, Inner Senses Organic Beauty & Wellbeing
  10. Janey Lee Grace, Imperfectly Natural
  11. Ana-Maria Green, blogger
  12. Mark Smith, Natrue
  13. Tabitha James Kraan, Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hairdressing
  14. Sarah Willson, Holland & Barrett
  15. Ailish Lucas, blogger
  16. Amanda Barlow, Made for Life Organics
  17. Raquel Wing, The Clean Hub
  18. Wendi Berger, Pour Le Monde
  19. Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford, Clean Beauty Co
  20. Yelena Serebryakova, Wild Beauty Apothecary
  21. Khandiz Joni, makeup artist
  22. Zane Piese, Atlantis Skincare
  23. Graeme Hume, Pravera
  24. Mel Jenkinson, Glow Organic
  25. Sarah Brown, Pai Skincare

For more info on the Top 25 Who’s Who, see the news at My Green Pod or Global Cosmetics Industry News 

“This year’s Who’s Who is proof of a solidarity I witness every day in our industry—a shared vision for beauty which is being championed by pioneers and newcomers alike,” said Natural Beauty News editor Rosie Greenaway.

“Of course, each finalist will celebrate their individual successes, and rightly so, but to see so many prominent names working synergis­tically to advance the market is truly heart-warming. It’s evidence of what a progressive time this is for the sector – mainstream beauty had better watch its back!”


Out now, the Autumn 2018 Issue of Natural Beauty News