1. Jayn Sterland – Weleda
  2. Sonia White – Lovelula
  3. Luke & Kirstie Sherrif – Pinks Boutique
  4. Kim & Alexander Barani – Kinetic Enterprises
  5. Graeme Hume – Pravera
  6. Ben Wigley – Big Green Smile
  7. Tabitha James Kraan – Tabitha James Kraan
  8. Sarah Brown – Pai Skincare
  9. Francesca Morgante – NATRUE
  10. Dr Cristina Llamas-Rey – Naturisimo
  11. Fiona Konarides – Beauty Shortlist
  12. Janey Lee Grace – broadcaster & journalist
  13. Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer – BRYT Skincare
  14. Noelle O’Connor – TanOrganic
  15. Imelda Burke – Content Beauty
  16. Kate Humble – Humble Beauty / broadcaster
  17. Amber Felce – AmbersBeautyTalk.com
  18. Jo Chidley – Beauty Kitchen
  19. Dr Mariano Spiezia – Inlight Organic Skincare
  20. Michell Thew – Cruelty Free International
  21. Lauren Bartley – Soil Association
  22. Rebecca Goodyear – Biteablebeauty.com
  23. Sarah Stacey – author and editor
  24. Lorraine Dallmeier – Formula Botanica
  25. Sascha Layne – Freshious Life & Beauty

Another exciting year, with a different line-up! More info & to see the winners of the 2016 Natural Beauty Retail Awards, click HERE

A big thank you to those who voted me into the number 11 slot and nice to see fellow green beauty writers Amber and Rebecca in the top 25 as well. Huge respect to the brand founders on this list and the campaigners for organic/cruelty-free beauty which will, one day, I am so sure, will become “the norm”.

Since The Beauty Shortlist’s very post (summer 2009) I’ve watched natural and organic beauty grow out of the “green ghetto” (misunderstood and often derided by the press, particularly the biggest bloggers) and oh what a turnaround now! Those of us who’ve always known green is the best way to live have watched it become more and more mainstream.

I’d like to put out a request here if I may. Please help us expose the brands who greenwash. Nivea’s Pure & Natural range is anything but that and sadly so many brands – J&J’s Baby Shampoo (no more fears?) was forced to remove potential carcinogens from its products a few years ago after a lawsuit. Johnson’s Baby Powder is having a rough time in the courts too, with judges slapping some massive fines on the brand – including one landmark case recently when a woman who claimed the talc caused her ovarian cancer, won.

With our Mama & Baby Awards (5 years old this year!) opening for entries on April 12 2017, it’s never been more important to keep our world, and our little ones, clean and green.  If mums around the world had had any idea they were shampooing their newborns’ scalps with a shampoo containing chemical toxins, allergens and potential carcinogens, they would have wept. Sadly…ignorance. Our mantra has always been READ THE LABEL. Forget the marketing hype on the front of the bottle or box – “SLS free”, “No Parabens”, etc – that’s just a slice of the big story. No parabens maybe but when the FULL ingredients list is pretty dirty it’s a no-go.

If you’re interested in more information on how to enter the 2017 MAMA & BABY AWARDS, please contact Hannah at hannahbeautyshortlist@gmail.com or look out for the Online Entry Form which should be up on 12th/13th April! Thanks for making both the Beauty and the Baby Awards the successes that they’ve become.

As most people now know, we do not run ads, we don’t accept sponsorship – we simply and thoroughly test every product entered and the winners – with the best scores from the judges, the best remarks – filter through organically right to the top. Our Awards are an excellent opportunity for newer and smaller brands, too, as we have no allegiance to any brand, big and global, or tiny and new.  A product just has to wow us (and our toddler testers!) and receive excellent rankings and comments across the board.

Thanks so much for your support over the years, and we can’t wait to kick off this year’s Mama & Baby Awards this week!!