“A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness and good fortune” – Arabic proverb. I love this quote, too, by Alexander Lawrence Posey, “Be the energy you want others to absorb” (Posey founded the first ever Native American daily paper).

I’ve been thinking a lot about the energy of beauty and crystal-infused skincare lately. Whether we like it or not, we’re living in a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) and unless you can or want to go completely off-grid, or have the financial means to escape and wake up in front of a beautiful ocean without a long to-do list stuck to your desktop and brain, things seem to be getting more challenging.

Therapie’s Crystal Clear Salts – anti-fragmentation, pro-clarity

Although crystals have been around us for an eternity, their healing, confidence-strengthening, balancing, encouraging, protective, abundance attracting powers have never been more useful (understatement) – than right now.

So all hail gemstone-infused beauty, here are 11 of the most interesting crystal (and intention-infused – that’s another level!)  beauty products to try, if you haven’t come across them yet.

All but two in our crystal beauty showcase are Beauty Shortlist Awards winners (if you still haven’t entered, the clock is ticking now because  2019 entries close soon – see the ENTRY FORM for details and deadlines).



Raising your vibration – 10 products to try tomorrow

Beauty trends are ebbing and flowing faster than ever.  We’ve got vegan flying the flag, superfood skincare (see Bodhi & Birch’s fabulous new SUPERFOODS range), probiotic beauty (Aurelia Skincare) and last but not least CBD which is really on the up and up and starting to flourish in the UK despite all the confusion surrounding this ancient medicinal plant!)

I personally am a big fan of “wild-harvested” or wildcrafted skincare – for its raw potency. Technically, wildcrafted beauty, purists believe, differs from organic because wild-harvested skincare harnesses the inherent, resilient, 100% raw vibrant energy of plants growing in the wild – often surviving in extreme conditions – versus being planted in a protected environment under organic growing conditions.


One new launch to get excited about is AWAKE ORGANICS Sea Quartz Crystal + Algae Cleanser Daily Micro-Polish.

Yes, it’s a food grade face wash that harnesses the power of one full carat of clear quartz crystals and superfood fans will love the spirulina, turmeric, cannabis sativa oil, organic coconut milk and blue chamomile and sweet orange oils. It’s 98% edible, cruelty-free and – another big one – vegan.

Arguably, crystal-infused skincare takes beauty to its highest, most evolved level, because of the spiritual, healing and emotional elements involved. Infused with gemstones and intentions, it’s at the heart of shamanic beauty.

The duality of life has never been starker. On the one hand, it’s getting harder to navigate the road of life. To stay sane. Grounded and balanced. Lack of time, life stress, unpredictable human beings and events, the escalation of disease, appalling violence, the atrocious, unresolved global problems of famine and lack of clean water, runaway plastic pollution…our toxic oceans and fragile planet are buckling under the weight of pollution, over-consumption, industrial waste, then you’ve got the Big Pharma problem. The list goes on.

On the positive side, it’s up to us to adopt “the way of the light”:  spiritual evolvement, organic lifestyle, yoga, compassion, find solace by the ocean or in a green-rich forest, returning to nature and natural remedies. To live simply – and better. To embrace enlightenment (have you watched The Truth About Cancer, Ancient Remedies for Modern Illness, or Awakening Alzheimers? All brilliant and so important to know about).

In a turmoil-driven world, sleep is the ultimate luxury, the joy of quiet has no price tag. Some find the noise and bad news easier to block out or ignore, but if you’re an HSP/empath (like me) and tune-in to energies, then meditation or spending time in nature, crystals, setting intentions, living in the now – not the yesterday or the tomorrow – and  eating high vibrational foods, etc. are all invaluable for balancing and keeping you more balance.

I also find magnesium and wellbeing teas really relaxing and fortifying (verbena, orange blossom flower, peppermint, lemon balm, mallow and nettle are my current favourites) and then we’ve got the “super” herbs like ashwaganda or rhodiola for stress, they’re great defenders against overload!

Colorado-based brand ISUN, one of the most energising nature and crystal-infused skincare brands around is now available in the UK

Which crystal or intention-infused beauty products have you tried lately which you’d hand on heart recommend? 

Here are some crystal-inflused products to add to your try-soon list. All but two – Ceremonie and Nazan Schnapp – of the eleven mentioned here, including Awake Organics, are Beauty Shortlist winning brands.

H I G H E R     B E A U T Y 



  1. SJAL Saphir Concentrate Face Oil (blue sapphire and aquamarine)
  2. Dr Hauschka Renegerative Intensive Treatment (black tourmaline)
  3. Shiffa Dubai Signature Gemstone Emerald Face Oil (to clear the mind, stimulate the heart chakra)
  4. Nazan Schnapp Sublime Hydrating Treatment Essence (rose quartz)
  5. Therapie Inner Light Clear Smelling Salts (with amethyst and quartz for anti-fatigue/fragmentation, pro-optimism/clarity) by Michelle Roques-O’Neil)
  6. ila Spa Inner Peace Bath Salts (Himalayan salt crystals, uplifting Rose, meditative Sandalwood)
  7. Zone Face Lift Face Amethyst Crystal-infused Face Oil with Native American healing herbs)
  8. ISUN Skincare Garnet Gemstone Energy (Grounding Aroma) Body Oil (wildcrafted)
  9. AIKA Wellness Vata, Pitta & Kapha Tonics  (Himalayan salts)
  10. Ceremonie Past Lives Mist for Auras and Spaces (with Amber Attar, from the fossilized sap of the giant conifer Pinus Succinefera and infused with ritual-based plants)


Take a deep breath, set your intention and infuse your skin with crystal power




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