NEW+NOTEWORTHY: NOVEMBER (v. NEW+NOT WORTHY which I’m sorely tempted to do next year but it’s probably better to focus on the good stuff, so here’s the “what’s worth a look” line-up for this month!)

Two of the biggest beauty stories, of course, are #NewVogue (aka new editor in chief Edward Enninful) which bodes well for a much more ethnically diverse Vogue. Because the British mag has a shockingly unevolved “white models only on the cover” history – so far – when it comes to covers.  Even though the US version is better, there’s room for improvement from a diversity perspective – as there is for so many makeup brands that don’t release enough shades for all skin shades.

There are two big gaps in beauty – this is one of them and the other, as I see it, is the huge reticence by brands to openly create products for, and market to, women who are over 50. “Come ON” as they say!)

Actually make that three big gaps – the third is decent, natural lipsticks that have staying power, are densely pigmented taste good and are free-from…thin on the ground but this is a tough nut to crack formula-wise.



Meanwhile Trinny Woodall’s new stackable, matchable mini pots of creamy colours have landed and she’s been on a non-stop tour around London, lots of Instagram videos with beauty editors and there are a lot of unique USPs to her brand – Trinny London – so these look set to skyrocket.  Feedback so far has been great (I haven’t tried them yet but my cousin has and she loved them).


Anyway…with just 2 days until we get some proper sleep and the 2018 Awards close this Friday 17th November, it’s time to get back to those and thank you (everyone) who’s taking part for Year 7.  It’s a record year already, and it really is a particularly exciting looking one (we’ve got a small cruise ship load of NEW launches which we always love road-testing, although products do not have to be new to qualify and a lot of past winners are in again for another test-run by the expanded judging team).

And sleep is a huge trend – lots of pillow sprays, sleep better supplements, sleep-themed brands, sleeping beauty overnight calming masks, sleep aromatherapy potions.



And speaking of masks they’re so much more targeted now – as in hands, feet, face, lips, eyes, hair (obviously)…maybe NECK masks could be an idea for the 50+ market, too. (Not sure I’d want to wear a serum/collagen/HA-infused “bib” but…).  Or mini-masks for dry elbows. And masks targeted for specific issues – after-sun, pre-party, post-hangover, etc. (yes to all!)

Particularly liking the look of SKIMONO and STARSKIN is a brand I use

Enjoy the rest of November!

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