In one of my not so good years, I was in three car accidents – all in the same year. Even more bizarre, each accident was a replica of the previous one (rear-ended at a stop light).  For months afterwards, my painful, stiff neck lingered like that unpopular party guest who’s the last to leave (luckily it was nothing worse but it wasn’t great either).

I was referred to a hospital specialist who, in a non-negotiable sort of way, told me I had a 95% chance of never being able to turn my head to the left again (rather depressing?) but my gut told me this guy in a white coat was not right.

I’m a second and third opinion person, so when a friend said “you have to see my acupuncturist, Fi, she’s fantastic”, I took my totally stiff aching neck to her and here’s what happened.

In the first session, she left me wrapped in a blanket and “pin cushioned” in a pretty, luminous room with pine tree views from the big window. Seal was playing in the background and I drifted off wondering if these fine little needles were actually going to do any good? She came back some Seal tracks later and asked how did I feel?  (Dozy and a bit spaced out…but in a good way!)  Then, because the proof is in the pudding, she measured how far I could rotate my neck to the left, having measured it first when I first walked in.

I managed to turn it by about 45 degrees, a (vast) improvement compared to when I’d walked in which was borderline zero.  It felt like my head was stuck on to a concrete boulder. But this was better! After the second visit, more flexibility… By the third visit – astonishingly – my neck was almost sorted.  What a result.

I’d braced myself (financially) for months of ongoing treatments but they were never needed. And rather than deteriorate again, which I expected to happen after a while of feeling better, the problem never came back.

After that, I started going at least twice a month – not for my neck, because that was fine now, but because the treatments felt quite energising and really relaxing.  These sessions became my “reset” for the modern world. I loved going!

So, do I believe in acupuncture? It worked for me. I’ll be eternally grateful I tried it. Which is why I think cosmetic acupuncture is so interesting. In fact, just typing this, this morning, is making me crave a treatment by much sought-after London cosmetic acupuncturist David Peters.

In residence at the Bulgari Spa in Knightsbridge, one of David’s treatments (one you’ll hear beauty insiders rave about) is his Rejuvenating Facial Treatment. Named one of the UK’s best beauty treatments by Stylist, Harpers Bazaar loves him too, as does his loyal clientele.

Honestly, if you’re thinking “I need to do something for me this month”, head over to 



David is one of our grooming judges for the 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards (entries close soon on Friday 17 November and the awards are on Friday 2 March) so I got the chance to catch up with him last week and ask him about his work, life, and all the wonderful, sleep-deprived, amazing things that happen when you become a new dad for the first time…




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  1. It’s a rare talent, not everyone can make raw brussel sprout salads look delicious on Instagram but yours do.  And your TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) wisdom makes the nutritional “back stories” to your food pics even more interesting.  Do you follow one particular way of eating, or sort of gather “the best of” across different nutritional philosophies?


Diet was the biggest change I made in my life when I started studying traditional medicine. I like to combine different approaches and whilst I use the traditional principles for inspiration I think it’s important to keep up with the latest research. I think a balanced, mainly plant based, wholefoods diet is where it’s at and was was favoured in the traditional cultures I’ve studied. Processed foods are really the main thing I try to avoid – and too much sugar like everyone else!


  1. Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Stylist readers will already know that you’re based at the Bulgari Spa in Knightsbridge and that your facial acupuncture/beauty treatments are much sought-after. Why do you think the results are so good?


I think it’s the fusing of traditional techniques like acupuncture and cupping with contemporary techniques like LED light therapy or myofascial release that people seem to really enjoy. This keeps the focus on results whist maintaining the authenticity of the traditional techniques. I find many people want something that delivers the results of an advanced facial, just without using anything too harsh or chemical based on the face.

  1. You post a lot of easy, delicious looking recipes on your blog at …could we be expecting a book soon?


Ha ha – maybe! I think there’s a wealth of knowledge in the approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine so I try to bring these principles up to date as we love food in our household and it’s one of the biggest and first changes I made when I started studying these traditions.


  1. If someone comes to you feeling really depleted, over-extended, with adrenal burnout and literally borderline exhausted – like quite a few of us, particularly in big cities, who are running on empty –  where would you start, with them?  What role does acupuncture play in this sort of scenario?


I think most people I see nowadays, especially in cities, are overstimulated – whether it’s coffee, alcohol, their phone and so on. We barely have time to switch off so I feel trying to build some down time into their routines. Diet is hugely important as is exercise and anything that can be incorporated to nourish oneself and reduce stress as much as possible.

Acupuncture is a great tool for this as we can start relaxing the body to help relax the mind… it can almost be like training the body – teaching it that it can relax and let go and then the realization that those states can be achieved by themselves as well in their own time.

The Lounge at the Bulgari Hotel London 

  1. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now and you could live anywhere and do anything you wanted, what would it be and where would you be?

London has been my home for almost 20 years and I do love the city.  However as I get older I do start craving something a bit more relaxed… I’d always want to do something where I use my hands and have a skill… maybe a furniture maker in southern Italy… although I’m way too pre-conditioned now to city living!


  1. You recently became a dad, which must be life-changing and wonderful! What have been the main challenges – and delights – of fatherhood, so far, for you? Any tips?


Yes it’s all those things rolled into one! It’s every emotion you can imagine. The key challenge is the tiredness. Everyone says it however it can be relentless in the early months. My wife has it even tougher and actually my main tip would be to understand what your other half is going through too. You’re both tired, you’re both overwhelmed sometimes however it’s important to keep communicating and supporting each other however you can.

It’s the most amazing thing you can ever do with someone so it’s good to take a breath and appreciate it whenever you can.

So if your energy or mood levels are dipping slightly and you do need to do something for “you” this month, you can find out more or book your own legendary Rejuvenating Facial with David Peters at the Bulgari Spa in Knightsbridge.  Pop in or call:

171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW

+44 (0) 207 151 1010



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