It’s hard to get excited about toothpaste but if (like me) you avoid fluoride, Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste has been a revelation. I thought it would be too salty but you really get a mint hit and there’s no detergent, bleach or synthetics.  It’s totally GM-free, NATRUE-certified – and vegan – with some nice bark and root extracts and I like the gentle abrasiveness of it.

Alicia Silverstone called it “the healthiest toothpaste out there” and I’m going to finish the whole tube. £4.75 for 75ml. Their toothpaste range includes Calendula, Ratanhia and Plant Gel as well as this Salt version (maybe Salt Mint or Sea Mint would be a good name, as the mint is wonderful and I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as refreshing).

Here’s a close up of the ingredients:

Weleda have been creating dental products since 1921 when they launched their Ratanhia Mouthwash (also in the pic).

On to the Ratanhia Mouthwash (or Mundwasser in German!). I was travelling last month and developed a toothache but I had this with me and it literally saved the day and night. It fended off whatever was brewing, in two days. I’ve been using it ever since. It’s not a classic minty mouthwash at all, it’s less minty and not at all sugary. Mixed with water, it turns pink eventually, and although the bottle is small it’s extremely concentrated. I think the taste will be somewhat of a matter of taste for some people, but it does leave your mouth feeling very dentist-clean and I’m still using it. (Ratanhia, gargled, can help sore throats). It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a bottle in the bathroom cabinet, on a permanent basis, both for every day use and sudden emergencies.

This is what Weleda says about it:

“Ratanhia roots, gathered from organic producers in the Andes of Peru, are blended with precious myrrh to tone, strengthen and tighten the gums and to prevent irritation. Natural essential oils of sage, eucalyptus and peppermint deliver lasting freshness”.

5 to 10 drops in a glass of lukewarm water is what you need, and these are the ingredients:

Ingredients ( INCI) :Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Commiphora Myrrha Resin Extract,Krameria Trianda Root Extract, Flavor (Aroma)*Aesculus Hippocastanum ( Horse Chestnut) Bark Extract**, Calcium Flouride**, Magnesium Sufate**Lactose, Limonene*, Linalool*Eugenol* *from natural essential oils**in highly diluted form


Next up! Weleda have a new Kids 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash range which launched this summer in Boots, made with biodegradable detergents (from coconut).  Cute packaging – there’s a seal, dolphin and hippo and these are kind to little eyes. There’s Very Vanilla, Lively Lime and the Happy Orange, matching my soap dish by coincidence.

They’re £5.95 each/150ml.

Finally…Weleda’s Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Night Cream is a good staple to try if you’re shopping around for a more natural night product. (This one’s not a new discovery for me). It contains some of the pillars of the natural oil world and is £25.95 for 30ml.

Discover the NEW WELEDA KIDS SHOWER & SHAMPOO range and the Salt Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Age Revitalising Night Cream at:


(And I think some, if not all of these, are at Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.com, too)

Next up…

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