SUMMER IN 60 SECONDS #frompoolsidetostarlitnights

Nothing like a morning-to-midnight makeup item that whisks you from day to starry night without so much as having to do a quick fix for your hair (cue messy bun/ponytail if you’re running late), is there?

This 6 should take you from poolside to port-side taverna in record time – add a splash of Jo Malone’s JO LOVES “POMELO” (a mention here as it’s a personal favourite, or maybe a deep Diptyque-y fig, or perhaps for lighter daily wear, Roger & Gallet’s affordable fig?)


OMOROVICZA GLAM GLOW – the most natural, not over the top, flattering self-tanner I know with (I keep going on about this but it’s true!) a sort of inbuilt glow which I love.


A staple – I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t tried this one. Decent coverage and a lit-from-within luminescence.


British makeup brand New Cid’s i-Gloss Light-Up lip gloss has a mirror down the side and it lights up when you pull out the wand – brilliant in dark night clubs or applying a quick slick of gloss in low lit Greek tavernas as well as finding your earring under a dark table, etc. etc.

I told a friend about these lip glosses last summer, she tried one and said “I think this is better than the Dior ones I have”. (And immensely flattering if you’re the other side of 45). I wear mine over lipstick.

The whole NEW CID makeup range is pretty wonderful and MyShowcase stocks it in all its wonder.


The free-from nail brand with more shades than Pantone (practically!)

A Brazilian model launched this brand. This one’s Or Rose (Gold Rose) but if you haven’t seen the rest of them prepare yourself. Unlike some other nail shades, Kure Bazaar’s are subtle or bold but never garish (and I’ve seen some horrors recently). Nailing a nail colour (not to mention texture/durability) is an art, and KB gets it right. Also at MyShowcase – coincidentally!



20 seconds to change your look, add a pop of eyeliner colour. This is turning into a MyShowcase edit because they have Glo & Ray, too – unplanned, but there you go – lots of lovely stuff at MYSC!


More info/available at

What shall we do next on The Beauty Shortlist?

Coming soon…the big beauty brand campaigning to bring back the bees, 2017’s big hair winners (literally and figuratively), why getting outside is the new staying in and New + Noteworthy for August.

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One response to “SUMMER IN 60 SECONDS #frompoolsidetostarlitnights”

  1. Ella Allan says:

    I don’t mind a quick look at the mirror if I am busy but a make up that last longer is really great.

    That eyeliner has an awesome color by the way.