Lip Powders are one of this year’s newest launches – they’ve been launching in trickles, via Paris, mainly, in the European market. Tom Ford and Dior are two of the big “catwalk” beauty brands currently sprinkling powder onto our makeup counters while Nocibe and ARTDECO were among the earliest arrivals.

Meanwhile, DIOR’s doing a double take on the lip powder/pen trend…


DIOR’s “Mat Poudre” Rouge Gradient, at Selfridges and House of Fraser, are dual-ended, taking things a step further. To apply, use the light end all over lips then apply the dark shade, blending from the centre for a “bitten” effect.

This new generation of sponge-tipped lip pens deliver colour which the brands claim has particularly good staying powder. So if you like a “budge-proof, velvety matte” these might be for you.

Dior creates Rouge Gradient, its first “Lip Shadow” duo for custom colour gradation. The ultra-comfortable, creamy formula applies smoothly onto the lips with the soft and supple foam tip, creating a weightless matte finish like no other” – Selfridges

I haven’t tried them yet and I’m not sure I will as I’m not a matte fan and prefer keeping things cleaner and greener. But I like the packaging, visually, and maybe the traditional classic lip gloss packaging which has been around so long now – all those “long bottle and long stem applicators” – will follow suit, sooner or later and morph into something more modern like these pens. It’s quite interesting how nail and lip beauty packaging is going two completely separate ways – thinner and longer (the new pens and taller nail polish bottles) and also chubbier (e.g. Lancome’s Juicy Shakers).  As we know, new is the new new in beauty!


Love the look of these?


Douglas sells the ARTDECO range

Selfridges stocks the DIOR Rouge Gradient

NOCIBE at Nocibe.fr (from June 2017)

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


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