“I’m passionate about redefining age – and I am now on a mission to redefine 50!”

One look at industry pioneer and Studio 10 Beauty founder Grace Fodor’s Twitter feed and you’ll notice it’s packed with age-wise, age-inspiring, trend-focused Tweets.

A beauty dynamo who is just as much a philanthropist, Grace created her Studio 10 makeup brand for the 40+ and up crowd and now celebrities like Binky’s mum Jane Felstead and Melanie Sykes can’t get enough of the cleverly-formulated makeup range.
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Grace is a big supporter of Look Good Feel Better (last year she donated one of Studio 10’s eyebrow crayons to LGFB for each one sold). Giving back and empowering women are part of Studio 10’s core philosophy. You have to love a woman who works incredibly to make other women feel better and actively keeps giving back – it’s the stuff win-wins are made of.


First thought, a quick shout out for some of my swear-bys from Grace’s range: Longlast Velvet Liquid-Lips lip glosses with their gorgeous almost glaze-effect, real plumping coverage, chic 6-in-1 Perfect Lash dual-ended mascaras, and a Miracle Effect Priming Serum which genuinely does deserve its name.

“We don’t want to be patronised with false promises or held to ransom
by our date of birth… a new breed of icons is coming forward who are
more reflective of who we are and it’s an amazing movement to be part of!”
With Studio 10 winning new fans and (prediction!) more beauty awards in 2017, things have been super-busy for Grace but we managed to catch up with her for a quick ROCK YOUR AGE Q&A and a few beauty tips from the pro herself…


1. Grace, do you think we get better as we get older? And what would be the one big thing you love about ageing?


I would never say ‘better’ as I think we can offer wonderful things both as young women AND when we’re older, but I would say there are things we improve on as we age.
Patience, reason, and understanding are all strengths we develop in maturity.


“My favourite thing about ageing would have to be

the meeting of minds with
other women”
I’d also say lots of women I know feel more confident as they get older – both in terms of how they look and in who they are.  We know our strengths and skills and how to use them which is such an asset. My favourite thing about ageing would have to be the meeting of minds with other women. That competition that younger women experience lessens hugely at a certain point as we realise that we really are all equal and it’s amazing to see the support, knowledge and strength we can lend one another.
grace mag

2. Certain women including celebrities like Tina Turner, Oprah, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone and Susan Sarandon (the list goes on!!) have an almost extra-strong sense of who they are, a more defined radiance, about them.what is it, do you think, that gives them their luminosity (aside
from great makeup!)

I think if you look at all those women, they’ve all faced life’s hardships and made a conscious choice not to let it define them.Instead, they’ve chosen to embrace their personal struggles and rise past that, to become so much more.They use their strength, their experience and their history to push forwards, refusing to become invisible and instead becoming, as you say, ‘luminous’.

It’s an inspiration and  great lesson for us all.

“MAULI Rituals’ Himalayan bath salts are just perfect after a long day”


3. What beauty and wellbeing rituals or products do you personally really swear by?

I have a fair few.

Sarah Chapman is my go to skincare guru – her Skinesis Overnight Facial is just incredible for rejuvenating tired skin, especially if you travel a lot.  (Editor’s Note: Celebrity facialist Sarah’s Skinesis range is a multi-Beauty Shortlist Award winner – the Overnight Facial is a gorgeous, luxe treat and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t rave about this product, it’s one of those desert island heroes you can easily become co-dependant on!)

Super-concentrated, gorgeous scent, manna for tired skin and completely divine, I’m with Grace on this one!
I’m also a huge fan of Mauli Rituals for when I need a real treat.  It’s a beautiful range of beauty products based on Ayurveda principles and I love it.  The Himalayan bath salts are just perfect after a long day!
“My other ritual, which I am not sure I’d function without, is meditation”

My other ritual, which I am not sure I’d function without, is meditation.  I love Headspace and do 15 minutes everyday.  My daily life is so hectic juggling home, children and the business.  Mediation is a counter balance to all of that – it’s calming, and creates a real sense of clarity, peace of mind and it really does rejuvenate.

4. In 2015, Ad Week ran a feature called “Why Older Women are the New It-Girls of Fashion” – it wasn’t “Are older women the it-girls of fashion?” – it was a statement!

It talks about Iris Apfel, in her 90s, becoming the face of Kate Spade, Catherine Deneuve for Luis Vuitton, and so on – beauty started the ageless revolution, do you think it’ll pick up speed this year and will we see more older fashion models too, as brands look at cashing in on the silver (potentially platinum) economy?

I most certainly hope so.  I think it’s being powered in part by the current love for all things ‘nineties’, including the supermodels of the age who are now in their fifties and very outspoken about ageism and invisibility.

I think as well in an ageing population, with the same access to social media that young people have, we are starting to show that we have a real voice and are no longer prepared to tolerate being sold to by models in their twenties.  We don’t want to be patronised with false promises or held to ransom by our date of birth and as a result a new breed of icons is coming forward who are
more reflective of who we are.  It’s an amazing movement to be part of.



6-in-1 Perfect Lash Mascara

5. Rock ‘n roll, the youth-centric “soundtrack to growing pains” (which
many predicted would just be a passing music phase) has not only grown up
with us, it’s pushing “old age” further and further away.  With ageing now
something we’re embracing rather than resisting, what does Rock Your Age
mean to you? 

It means celebrating our individuality and pushing the cause of older women (and indeed people) whenever we get the choice.

It means wearing the trends we want to and not allowing a youth driven culture to define us as ‘past it’, ‘boring’ or ‘old’.  Those same young people are obsessed with our music, our fashion, our politics and our icons so it’s about showing that we haven’t lost any of our cool either!

6Do you remember the light bulb moment that made you go “OK, I’m going to create a really innovative, intelligent, solution-driven, makeup range – Studio 10 Beauty?” and what has the journey been like, so far? And what would you single out as your favourite product from the whole collection?
I do remember it – it was when I was 46 and was left feeling frustrated with the market! I’d reached a point in my life where I was was looking for a makeup range designed specifically for me, a woman of age!   Not so much colour but one that did ‘a job of work’!
I wanted products that were more than just added anti-ageing ingredients, but ones that that cover and correct the signs of ageing with formulas, textures, colours and the best finish tailored for maturer skins.
I am so very passionate about redefining beauty for women as they age, but also redefining age! And I am now on a mission to redefine 50!!
Deep in my soul I believe beauty is ageless and that ALL women shouldn’t lose confidence,  feel invisible, or invaluable because of their age.
It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I love our Plumping Blush Glow-plexion.  It’s a gorgeous peach shade and is the ultimate ‘complexion pick-me-up’ for glowing, youthful looking skin in an instant.
My pro-trick is to apply to the cheeks and a light touch to the forehead, nose, chin and eyelids.  It’s unique creamy watercolour formula blends into the skin for an ultra natural and ‘real skin’ finish – the ultimate in ‘no makeup makeup’.
Explore Studio 10’s age-enhancing, multi award-winning makeup range
(including their richly pigmented, plumping, full coverage lip glosses)

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