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Vanity Fair and Good Housekeeping…you rock! We did a quick bit of research last week and found that both titles feature more 45+ age cover stars than most other women’s/lifestyle mags.

(Photo: Julianne Moore on the cover of France’s Madame Figaro recently).

So for our 2017 ROCK YOUR AGE campaign, we thought we’d single out some of our favourite cover stars including Gwyneth Paltrow who’s kicking the year off in style – she’s on the first ELLE mag (Spain) cover of the year for January, and graces the cover of IN STYLE in February as well.

Come and join the conversation over on social media, using #RockYourAge. Should(n’t) there be more makeup brands for older women? More magazine covers, more age-targeted skincare, more age-targeted fashion brands? Stronger “beauty has no age because any age is beautiful” messaging? How long is the road till we clear age taboos? Like the real beauty anti-perfection revolution happening now (led by Alicia Keys, Gwyneth, Cameron Diaz, etc.’s makeup-free selfies), will 2017 turn out to be a definitive turnaround year for ageless beauty when we look back at this year in 12 months’ time?

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IN STYLE Feb 2017

Growing older is, and always should have been, more about health, happiness, about the life in your years and less about the number of years in your life. More about attitude, not just that two digit “age stamp” we carry around with us (3 if you’re lucky and get to 100!)

Keep a lookout for our first Rock Your Age chat with ballerina, dancer and model Mercedes von Thun, it’s an honest look at age and attitudes – a celebration of living well, a toast to beauty at any age, as we hit the road to Destination Ageless Beauty!


Throughout 2017 we’ll be spotlighting living, in-your-face proof that grey is fast becoming the new gold – not just as a lifestyle and beauty trend but a trend set to put money in the pockets of the quicker-off-the-mark brands who are “brave enough” to embrace it. Alongside the cleverest, most advanced beauty heroes we’ve tried, tested and can genuinely give the two thumbs up for, for older skin.

And don’t forget you can catch the newest, brightest skincare stars for 40+, 50+ and 60+ skin at the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards which kick off early in the morning on THURSDAY, 2nd MARCH 2017!

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Rocking our Age – for me, the real breakthrough will be when we no longer have to say “Fabulous at every age” or “She looks great…for her age”. She looks gorgeous. Full Stop. Age irrelevant.





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