Cutisonic caught my attention when it came in for the Awards and it’s worth a mention. I’m not going to go into a wordy “why I like it” –  Cutisonic is small (5cm/2inch), feather light and a fab little travel companion, so I’ll just keep it short and sweet (a bit like the Cutisonic!)

“This year’s new featherweight beauty champion”

What’s different about it?

  • One charge lasts 6 months (have yet to find this out, but this is what they say) so you don’t have to lug a charger around when you travel (and it comes with a protective cap)
  • Its silicone bristles are soft – this would be a great cleansing device for anyone whose skin finds the rotating, slightly harsher cleansers a bit much.
  • It works in the shower
  • It doubles as a liquid or powder foundation application tool (just peel off the silicone bristle cap which is very easy to put back on, and replace it with the flat sponge circle instead)
  • It’s got two settings, low and high and at over 22khz its sonic cleansing power is over double that of most (all?) cleansing devices
  • It vibrates instead of rotating (apply your cleanser to it, then apply using Cutisonic, in small circles)
  • It’s easy to wash – just remove the silicone bristle cap then replace when clean

The clincher for me is how darn simple and effective it is.  And how lightweight. It weighs nothing! It’s fits comfortably into the palm of your hand – not so small you’ve got to grip it tightly, it just feels perfect – I tell you, this little discovery will be jetting off with me in a couple of weeks time and again at Christmas. In fact it would be a great Christmas gift for beauty hounds.

Cost? At £64.99 it’s a bit of an investment obviously but it comes in well under the Clarisonic Mia (which uses bristles instead – both have a 2 year warranty) which rings in at £170. Comparing it to the FOREO Luna Go, which is £85, it’s still cheaper and if you’ve been looking at FOREO’s Luna Play (about the size of a round cotton pad or macaroon), Foreo’s Play is considerably cheaper at £25 – BUT it’s not rechargeable and it’s much harder to get a grip on the Play – the Cutisonic is easier to use as it fills the palm of your hand. (Don’t get me wrong, I do like FOREO, I think they’re a highly innovative brand and loved the first Foreo Luna I ever tested, it was quite a breakthrough).

I think it won’t be long till there’s a big buzz around the Cutisonic – it ticks a lot of boxes: for innovation, simplicity and size. Small but not too small, super light but powerful enough. And it can apply your foundation for you, too.

This year’s new featherweight beauty champion?




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