We’re sharing some of our favourite Awards entries until December and here’s a big favourite of Sam’s, one of our UK beauty judges: Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash. (My favourite this week was Olverum Bath Oil – see the home page for that one!)

Read on for the low down from Sam and I’ve seen it’s on special offer at Look Fantastic.

“Lovers of dry shampoo will fall head over heels for this little styling genius…

…unlike other formulas I’ve tried it’s fairly light and doesn’t leave my blonde hair powdery or grey looking – instead it injects some instant va va voom into my hair – in short, the best dry shampoo by a long, long stretch that I’ve tried”

As a mum of three small boys, my life is often a whirlwind.

In the morning, amidst the chaos of breakfast, finding lost socks and breaking up arguments over trains, there’s often very little time for me to get ready. Because of this, I’m often left with a choice: hair or make-up.

Given that my eye bags have now become life-long friends, I always pick make-up. A sweep of blusher here, a smudge of eyeliner there, and a whole lot of under-eye concealer. My hair, on the other hand, will often get left to its own devices – unwashed, unloved and just left to hang.

For months, my hair looked a little tragic in between washes. Limp, lifeless and very dull. But then, I discovered a new wonder product as a result of this year’s Beauty Shortlist Awards.
Step forward Paul Mitchell’s DRY WASH Ultra Fine Waterless Shampoo, AKA my new best friend – and, I’d imagine, yours too!

Lovers of dry shampoo will fall head over heels for this little styling genius. Unlike many other formulas I’ve tried, it’s fairly light and doesn’t leave my blonde locks powdery or grey. Instead, it injects some instant va va voom into my hair, leaving it glossier, bouncier and thicker, with no need for washing.


Middle row, far Left: lovely (inside and out) Sam Hadadi

…and it’s a YES for Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash Shampoo

A quick spray of this at the roots also leaves my hair smelling gloriously clean and instantly refreshed. It’s also perfect for extending the life of salon blow-dries or fancy dos.

In short, this is the best dry shampoo (by a long, long stretch) I have ever tried, and it’s become one of my daily essentials. Believe me when I say that I don’t say that lightly about products!

Better still, it’s also vegan and cruelty-free, paraben-free and safe to use on coloured hair. Hurrah! A must-have for busy women (and men!) everywhere, this is a dressing table essential.


DRY WASH comes in a 50ml and a much larger size and is on SPECIAL OFFER at



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