I got tagged by one of my favourite skincare bloggers Arjun of @JustAskArjun on Instagram (who will be judging some of our Australian brands skincare and Men’s Grooming Beauty Shortlist Awards entries) – so, OK, here we go!

1. I believe travel is the best education, it teaches tolerance
2. I’ve lived and worked in 16 different countries
3. I speak French, Spanish, a little Greek, Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and Portuguese
4. I think it’s more important to be kind than anything else. Kindness is my religion.
5. Flaws are more interesting than perfection, for me, I love that we’re imperfectly perfect
6. “Beauty has no age because any age is beautiful” (is my philosophy)
7. Things I cannot stand: rude drivers, people on planes who’ve just eaten garlic, lack of consideration for others, noisy neighbours #grrr
8. I would love to really, deeply, study herbs and aromatherapy…top of my to-do list.  Plants heal.
9. Cooking is a form of meditation for me, it’s when I’m in the flow
10. I never edit the Beauty Shortlist posts – they’re all a sort of stream of consciousness, never pre-thought out.  They just “happen”.
11. Greece, Morocco and Ireland are my favourite places in the world although anywhere with a Mediterranean lifestyle I feel at home in.
12. I need to live by the sea. Mountains make me claustrophobic and I’m scared of heights.
13 I find forests very healing.
14. Pine and peppermint are my favourite aromatherapy oils
15. Pomelo by Jo Malone (Jo Loves) is my signature fragrance
16. I don’t eat meat, the idea of slaughtering an animal I find unthinkable. Ditto, cruelty to another human being.
17. I believe the best (natural) skincare has a certain energy and the cheap, high street brands are “dead skincare” and a total waste of money – even if they don’t cost a lot.
18. I started The Beauty Shortlist in 2009 as a personal blog to share my favourite finds with friends – and anyone else who might stumble upon it and it grew organically….I just sort of follow along (but it’s hard work and incredibly time-consuming).
19. Friends are angels who lend you their wings when you’ve forgotten how to fly.
20. I cannot stand sushi. But I love a good curry!
Thank you Arjun!! X
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