Before we announce our Men’s Grooming judges in a few days, a big thank you to these eight amazing women who will be putting products through their paces until entries close on Tuesday 6 December!

“I love the integrity that shines through, these Awards should be used as everyone’s beauty shopping list” – Alexia Inge, co-founder, Cult Beauty 

So please meet the lead judges for the UK, USA, Australia and Scandinavia, we couldn’t ask for a better team.


Top row, Left to Right: Justine Jenkins and Irene Falcone; Middle Row: Sam Hadadi, Dawn Del Russo and Denise Del Russo, Bottom row left to right, Kicki Norman, Michaela Deasy-Smith and Maria Nystrom.

The Awards are in their sixth year for March 2017 and are OPEN NOW –  thank you for your fantastic support, they just get more exciting each year and there is even more work to do this year, as they’re global.

IMPORTANT! Please ensure your products are in by 5pm on 6 December local global time – this is the absolute final deadline for all samples to reach the judges, so please allow extra time for shipping, post office deliveries, etc. and enter sooner rather than later. We will not be reminding brands so please make sure you’ve completed your entry and sent in the samples in good time.


Fiona Klonarides, beauty and wellbeing journalist and founder of The Beauty Shortlist (2009)

Justine Jenkins, red carpet, cruelty free makeup artist and Humane Society ambassador. Justine’s clients include Fearne Cotton, Laura Whitmore, Charlotte Rampling, Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) and Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark)

USA TV style, fashion and beauty expert Dawn Del Russo (E! Entertainment/Access Hollywood)

New York-based makeup artist and Divalicious Beauty writer Denise Del Russo

Kicki Norman, acclaimed beauty blogger and editor in chief of Sweden’s leading publication Daisy Magazine

Maria Nystrom, founder and CEO of the award-winning Swedish brand EMITE MAKEUP  “makeup for makeup artists”

Irene Falcone, founder and CEO of Australia’s leading organic/vegan retailer Nourished Life

Ex-BBC journalist and food, health and beauty writer Samantha Hadadi 

Beauty, luxury travel, spa and lifestyle writer and events director Michaela Deasy-Smith

This year, we may be announcing the brands who have been SHORTLISTED a few weeks prior to AWARDS DAY,  we will confirm this in January.

As always, the results will be posted here, so please join us for a very early breakfast around 5am London time on the day of the AWARDS, when the winners and finalists will be revealed.

It’s always a very exciting day on social media, especially Twitter, so save the date!

Thursday 2 MARCH 2017

We cannot wait to share our best finds, those particular products that got the highest rankings, the most positive comments and outshone the other entries. The beauty stars that we hands down, hand on heart recommend – what we think you’ll absolutely LOVE, for 2017 – all tried, tested and Beauty Shortlist approved. Products do not have to be new to qualify, they can be launched any time until 1 January 2017.

The Awards are not sponsored and every product is properly judged, used, tested – not voted for

We support small batch and boutique/niche alongside the big global beauty players and high street brands.

Have you launched a start-up brand this year and are debating about entering?  You’ll want to read this interview with Rachael Dunseath, founder of MyRoo Skincare (this delightful Yorkshire-based, vegan, clean beauty brand just launched at John Lewis in Leeds). She talks about how just one step, completing the entry form, turned out to be life-changing.

I’ve spoken to Rachael, I know how hard she works like so many other small biz entrepreneurs and I remember the first time we received samples from her, and it’s really wonderful to see how far this brand has come so far…and will go!

MyRoo just launched at John Lewis in Leeds as part of their Made in Yorkshire collection

MyRoo is the UK’s 1st totally free from skincare. Natural, vegan, organic. Free from gluten, nut & dairy. Every product available fragrance free. Made in Yorkshire.

Here’s Rachael Dunseath’s interview with Rachel Whittaker of Zest Consulting which ran during Organic Beauty Week in September.


Have you entered The Beauty Shortlist Awards yet?

“What better way to celebrate Organic Beauty Week then to enter your brand into The Beauty Shortlist Awards.

It’s nerve racking though isn’t it?

It’s really putting yourself out there.

It’s opening your business that you love and adore up to scrutiny from top industry gurus.

How does it work?

What benefits can it bring anyway?

Is it really worth the hassle?

I’ve teamed up with Rachael Dunseath founder of Myroo Skincare to answer all these questions and more.

Rachael is a star of the UK organic beauty scene.

Myroo Skincare is the UK’s first totally free from skincare brand specifically targeting allergic and sensitive skin. It’s all natural, organic and vegan.

Recently Rachael pitched and won a prestigious contract with John Lewis.

And in the last few months Myroo has  won two Free From Skincare medals in the wash off and problem skin categories for their Cleanser & Cloth and Superfood Balm and Beauty Shortlist Editor’s Choice Award for the Cleanser.

So there really is no body better qualified to talk you through the awards entry process and inspire you to get entering!

Q: How long has your company been established?

A: I’ve run a natural skincare business for 7 years but we relaunched in February of this year with our allergy friendly brand, so it feels a bit like being a start up again!

Q: Can you describe The Beauty Shortlist Awards process.  How do you enter, how many stages are there, what do you need to do etc.

A: It’s very simple. The awards are judged on the products, which is great and means minnows have as much of a chance as big boys. You just decide which categories are appropriate for you and apply. No horrid long forms to fill in and the fee is small. Then you send in samples as appropriate. The Beauty Shortlist team help you through the whole thing. Then it’s a waiting game to find out if you’ve won an award. As the products are comprehensively tested that’s the only down side, it can be a few months from entering to the results, nail biting!

Q: How did winning the Editor’s Choice Award effect your business?

A: Fiona Klonarides who runs the awards is a key influencer and high profile supporter of natural and organic skincare and she is a big fan of niche and small batch brands too (she’s also a really lovely person!). So to get recognition from her is amazing. Journalists and bloggers listen to what she says, so an award from Beauty Shortlist can raise your profile.

It also gives confidence to customers (direct and wholesale) looking at your products and website that the products are great.

It’s great PR and gives you a really good story to tell on your social media too.


Q: What one key piece of advice you would offer other beautypreneurs considering entering.

A: The Beauty Shortlist awards are open as we speak so go for it!

I was guilty of wavering in the early days when I started out but it’s well worthwhile. I’ve entered many awards now and it’s a key part of my marketing plan. If you’ve not got much spare money just enter one product to start with. Even the fact you’ve entered is something to shout about, it shows you believe in your products.

So there you have it.

Entering awards is a seriously great way to build the profile of your brand.

A key factor in establishing your trust relationship with your customers.

This Organic Beauty Week be bold, be proud and take action.

Enter The Beauty Shortlist Awards today!”

Details and the official entry form here




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