OLVERUM. One Little Bottle. Whole Lotta Love.


We’re sharing some of the judges’ favourites as the awards entries come in…so I’m chipping in tonight with this little Monday love.

Quite unisex, ultra-therapeutic and ridiculously relaxing (do not use this before going out, you’ll end up staying in), it’s the creation of a German winemaker with a passion for therapeutic plant oils and his chemist wife – the Kleins – who came up with the original blend in 1931.

Fast forward to now, repackaged and under British ownership (a story not unlike that of Pommade Divine) Olverum launched a travel trio earlier this year which retails at around £16. Each 15ml mini bottle delivers 3 baths.

The essential oils include:

Siberian Fir, Lavandin, Eucalyptus, Lemon Peel, Verbena, Rosemary, Lime, Juniper and Geranium.

For me the pine/spruce stands out above all, while the geranium acts as a nerve tranquiliser, and juniper (an oil I have come to like more and more recently) is known for clearing negativity. The Olverum effect is at once comforting, uplifting and very, very sleep inducing. You’ve been warned! Brilliant at clearing a head full of problems, I would imagine. Also good for colds and aching muscles. Yet very luxe. Like a spa weekend that is indulgent yet also sorts what ails you…

I love this oil. It’s herbal, but not overly apothecary, it packs a potent punch so less is more is the secret to this one. It disperses well so you won’t have that “scrambling to get out of a vat of olive oil” slippery bath tub problem (even harder, the more relaxed you are! I have literally almost been marooned in deep sided baths while testing overly-oily bath oils for the Awards in past years, it’s a wonder I got out and am here for the 2017 ones).

Last weekend, my little Olverum bottle scented the bathroom, sent me to sleep and reminded me just how magical Mother Nature is. And you get 3, not 1, baths in each tiny bottle (if you used a whole one you’d be asleep in the bath). A month’s weekend-fulls of Olverum baths, 9 bath-fulls in all from the Travel Set, so one every Saturday and Sunday, a month with an extra night too.

The box is so pretty you could just tie a silver ribbon around it or wrap it upright, like a candle in see-through crinkly “film” if you were going to give this little trio set as a present?

Good luck in the Awards, Olverum, we’ll see what the others say, but it’s a yes from me.


Also comes in 125ml and 250ml bottles and available at Liberty, House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols.




As spotted in Friday’s Hygge Beauty post


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