Sounds so easy, yet it’s often so tricky, nailing the perfect nude lipstick can be harder than it seems. (This applies to nails, too, as you’ll know if you’ve ever borrowed your friend’s divine ballet shoe pink nail polish which looks so good on her and so disappointingly not right on you – boo!)

If your neutral lipstick isn’t spot on, it can wash out the rest of your face, make you look paler/more sallow or even “alter your skin tone”. Or be so barely there that it’s not there at all. have just posted a great guide to finding the perfect nude on their blog (always a great blog for lots of swatches!) There are some great tips and product recommendations for different skin shades in the post, so if you’re in the mood for a new nude for autumn, head over HERE and have a read.





One thing to note is knowing your undertone is key, here are a few ways to find out what yours is:

3 quick, cheat ways to find your undertone…

• Check the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they’re blue you’re cool toned, if they’re more “green” you’re warm toned and if you can’t tell whether they’re blue or green then you have a neutral undertone.

• What jewellery do you tend to gravitate towards? Those with cool undertones tend to wear silver, whereas warm toned complexions prefer gold. And neutral undertones can rock both.

• How do you tan? Those with warmer complexions tend to tan quickly without burning, whereas those with cooler undertones will burn more easily in the sun.



Love these picks with added shimmer…


For the full nailing-your-nude tips and more lipstick picks for keeping things neutral this autumn, head over to

the blog


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