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Here’s a true beauty story. A few weeks ago, I “lent” my bottle of Argan Liquid Gold Day Moisturiser to a woman who lives next to me as my beauty stash is starting to explode and she was asking for recommendations.

This morning she rang the bell with a delivery note about a missed package, from the postman, and I literally did a double take.  Her skin (dry, with breakouts, which can be such a frustrating combination) had improved beyond recognition…it looked more even in tone and texture, was way more “glowy” and the big difference I’d say is, it looked just…much fresher.

She had that sort of bride-to-be glow, so I commented on how great she looked and apparently her husband is now asking if I’ve got a bottle for him (sorry!)

Six individually targeted products in the range (my top favourites are far left and far right!)

If you love argan, Argan Liquid Gold’s Restorative Night Moisturiser and 2-in-1 Foaming Cleanser are two products to take a look at.  They’re in the luxe price range (not the Creme de la Mer bracket but not High St either) – around the £75++ mark.

But here’s the twist – if you don’t love argan (too many fake/argan substitute mistakes, you’ve got argan fatigue, the oil feels too heavy for your skin) but you wished you loved it, Argan Liquid Gold is going to tick your boxes because it’s different.

Brand founder May Hamid (who has family in Morocco but lives in the UK) is a dynamo. She’s worked with the best formulators, the brand was shortlisted for a 2015 Pure Beauty Award, she’s met some of the biggest names in the beauty industry and last I heard was she was up for another award.

Her 24k gold-infused argan range looks and feels like a luxury department store brand, something you’d find at Selfridges (Argan Liquid Gold has now landed at Look Fantastic, by the way) or even Harrods.  And at a fraction of the price of, say, La Prairie, who also use gold.



This is a brand that’s going to appeal to what I call the YSL beauty counter crowd. The Night Cream texture is divine (slightly scented, smells very luxe/high end but not overpowering), and sinks in beautifully, leaving skin plumped for a good few hours – and more, with consistent use over time.



If you’re an Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream fan, this is a little bit like an argan/gold-infused version, except the texture is less “slippy”, it’s denser (and richer in feel, although never heavy).

Stand out ingredients include:

Argan, Squalene, Plankton Extract, Oat Extract, Jojoba Esters, Shea Butter, Colloidal Gold, Chlorella, Hydrolised Algin, Rosemary extract and Maris Sal.

What’s Colloidal Gold? It’s basically minute particles of gold in a liquid formula, and gold-infused products tend to be big on luminosity factor (doctors have used injectable colloidal gold to help treat arthritis, as it’s anti-inflammatory).

Colloidal Silver (not in May’s formulas but worth mentioning here as I have used it as a health supplement) is antibacterial, antiviral, helps heal wounds and discharge waste materials from the body (the ones you don’t want IN your body.


Bonjour Morocco! Blue sky, birdsong, flower-filled riads and the best orange juice in the world 🍊

“All in all, this is a Red Carpet product and I think Argan Liquid Gold is a brand to absolutely try if you’re 40+”

All in all this is a Red Carpet product, I think Argan Liquid Gold is a brand to absolutely try if you’re 40+. Argan does so many things from help repair sun damage to reduce scarring, in fact it’s one of my two all-time favourite beauty oils – the other is another multi-tasking wonder-worker, Rosehip.




(as in cleanse, clarify + tone)

And a nod to Argan Liquid Gold’s 2-In-1 Foaming Cleanser, a nice add-on to the Day and Night Creams. My two favourite products (repeating myself here!) are the Night Cream and Foaming Cleanser but May’s FairTrade certified Argan Oil has a whole host of fans and she does a multi-tone BB Cream and Exfoliating Cleanser, too.


If you like the sound of a a gently foaming, hydrating, and again extremely high end feeling/smelling with argan, colloidal gold, witch hazel and distilled rosa damascena in it, it’s £70 direct from Argan Liquid Gold (they’ve got a 20% OFF promotion at the moment) or you’ll find the range over at Look Fantastic too.

Argan Liquid Gold is proud to hold the official FAIRTADE certification.

Explore the range at LOOK FANTASTIC

Shop direct or discover more about Argan Liquid Gold’s luxury, 24k gold infused skin treats at




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    Just heard ALG may be doing travel sizes – keep a look out!