Sprawled out on the grass, starfish-style, watching rippled clouds float by in an open blue sky…lunch and iced lemonade under the shade of a massive willow tree…zesty fresh lemon peel sprinkled on Madeira cake for afternoon tea…the leafy green scent of long grass, just after sunset…

Autumn may be crisp and cocoony, but summer = free.  Delicious, long days of light and freedom before we head back to work,  reacquaint ourselves with “real life” and (sooner or later, but fingers crossed for an Indian summer!) get our favourite long leather boots and cosy wraps out for a brand new season.

Which fragrance sums up summer, one hundred per cent – for you?

To celebrate “hello August!”, here are 4 of the leafiest, greenest, most “Summer” with a capital S scents around…



Grassy, very green and ultra rustic-luxe, there’s no scent in the world that quite evokes fields of green like Sisley’s timeless classic, Eau de Campagne.

It’ll make you want to hole up in a big old French farmhouse for the whole of August, lavender in the front garden, hens in the back, handsome gardener in the guest cottage and a fireplace for early autumn nights in case you decide you have to stay a few weeks longer…





When Jo Malone, MBE created her first ever Jo Loves fragrance, the now famous Pomelo, it instantly became my signature scent (it still is). Well…now along comes her latest, Mandrine, a summery elixir of bitter orange, bergamot, lemon leaf, petitgrain, with a hint of thyme and crushed spices.

I need to issue a quick warning, though. Once you’re smitten with one of Jo’s architect-of-fragrance blends, there is no going back. So excitingly and upliftingly evocative are they that other scents will pale by comparison and feel too conveyer belt/commercial, even.

Each Jo Loves creation is a true, completely authentic original. Luckily, for Londoners, she’s got a shop at 42 Elizabeth St, In London SW1. Just allow extra time for the rest of your day because you’ll have problems leaving for your next appointment, her modern sanctuary of delicious scents is just delightfully intoxicating.




Oh oh, this is where we really need scented blogs. Eek. This is such a hard scent to describe but if my memory serves me correctly it won a Beauty Shortlist Award way back (or should have).  Think British hedgerows full of gorse…that subtle, powdery, vaguely coconut-semi-sweet scent as you brush past…I think if you love cloudy, gentle mimosa, it’s a fairly safe bet you’d like this one. I am doing a zero points job of describing it but there’s a modern glass beaker candle, too, and I can tell you that Gorse and Pomelo by Jo Malone are by far the two *most* commented-on scents I’ve worn. Probably because both are so unique, they’re absolute originals. Try and get hold of a Gorse tester because every friend who’s tried My bottle of Gorse has found it intriguing, it’s a breath of fresh British air when you’ve had too many hot ‘n heavy French fragrances and one too many Chanels. This is a fragrance for individuals.


Summer in a spritz, basically…there isn’t a Happiness fragrance by NEOM (last time I looked) but their (divine!!) 3-wick candle of the same blend did win a Beauty Shortlist Award last year – and this Room Spray and the Reed Diffuser are the next best things.

I love the under layer of freshly cut grass here, it’s a supremely pretty scent that oozes midsummer light and joy, in fact the candle would make a wonderful house warming gift for someone who’s just moved house this month (or you, because…fill in reason here).

Have you splurged on any of these? What’s your definitive “scent of summer” scent?




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