This is a heads-up, not a review, as I’ve been away and couldn’t get to test a sample in time…but it’s an exciting heads up!

If you’re anywhere near an M&S this week, make a beeline for the beauty hall because Studio 10 Beauty’s new MIRACLE EFFECT PRIMING SERUM has literally *just* landed at 30 M&S stores nationwide, from Thursday 30th June.

The story behind it
Studio 10 Beauty founder Grace Fodor wanted a serum that worked in two ways: (a) “instantly”, with obvious positive results, as well (b) over a longer period and the feedback from trials backs this up.

You can also use it on bare skin as a moisturiser, eye serum and primer…all in one. Brilliant for those “OMG I just overslept” mornings (or if you’re lazy and love a do-lots multi-tasker, especially in summer).

This particular Serum was formulated to deliver specific, visible results rather than the more vague, oft-quoted industry lines such as: “95% of women felt their wrinkles were reduced” or “85% saw a difference after consistent use”.

Studio 10 Beauty:  Best Make Up Brand, Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016


A lot of intelligent input, research and testing goes into Studio 10’s makeup range (refreshingly, it’s designed for those of us hovering around the 40+(+) mark) although my niece who’s at uni says she’s still looking for a lip gloss to beat her current favourite, which happens to be Studio 10’s lush, Omega 3-rich, densely pigmented next generation Plumping Gloss.


She doesn’t even need a plumping lip gloss but she loves it and if – like me – the Angelina Jolie lip gene somehow bypassed you, this one’s a winner.


But back to the MIRACLE EFFECT PRIMING SERUM launch at M&S. Elsa McAlonan (Daily Mail) and Suzi Perry are both new fans (as I say I haven’t tested it yet, but I will and I’ll report back on this) and meanwhile trial results are always interesting indicators, so here are the “stats” below or have a read of the early consumer reviews already, at:


WATCH the time-coded visible results video here:

MIRACLE EFFECT PRIMING SERUM launches nationwide in the UK at 30 Marks & Spencer stores this week.


Landing at 30 Marks & Spencer Beauty stores in the UK on 30th June

MIRACLE EFFECT PRIMING SERUM – the numbers/how to use it

1. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 16% in 15 minutes, effects last 8-10 hours while it continues to work on skin over time, delivering even better results in up to 4 weeks.
2. It dries off, creating the perfect base for makeup
3. Use it on bare skin in the morning as your daily moisturiser, eye serum and primer…all in one.
4. It targets almost every sign of ageing in one single bottle: lines and wrinkles, puffiness, age spots, uneven tone, dehydration, dullness and lack of firmness.
5. Improves skin firmness by up to 95% within an hour of application – and up to 172% after 6 weeks of use.

In short, during trials, skin was smoother, more radiant and showed far fewer signs of ageing in 100% of the women who tested the product.

Ingredient Notes/The Science Behind It

The addition of 99% Type 1 Collagen, a key structural protein, increases the ability of the skin’s surface to hold onto moisture, plumping from the dermal layers up, and allowing the skin to hold onto critical moisture and hydration for longer, shielding it from environmental damage.

Argan Oil works to increase skin elasticity, whilst actively working to protect the skin from further ageing. Caffeine reduces in ammation and increases microcirculation of the blood to the skin to visibly smooth. It also protects against UVB and slows down the photoageing process.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried this product, as I won’t have a chance to try it for a couple of week, so please let me know how you get on. (And check out the Plumping Lip Glosses, too, if you haven’t tried them yet!)

STUDIO 10 BEAUTY’S MIRACLE EFFECT PRIMING SERUM lands at M&S Beauty at 30 stores nationwide on Thursday 30th June

Discover more at Studio 10 Beauty’s own website HERE

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