WOMEN WE LOVE: Pontine Paus, founder, DR LIPP


It’s the one (natural) ingredient Nipple Balm that quickly became a makeup artists’ favourite and a “take it everywhere, everywhere gloss” – our lip balm favourite for long, sunny sunlounger afternoons and snow-capped mornings in the mountains (and annoying dry patches that need a dab of extra Dr Lipp love).

We caught up for a quick chat with Dr Lipp’s founder Pontine Paus to find out what it’s like to run the much-loved balm brand that’s on everyone’s lips (as well as other places)…




BSL: One of the things we love so much about Dr Lipp is your social media is so much fun! From your Instagram posts, like “Lipposuction is the practice of preferring to kiss people who use Dr Lipp” to the whole cute, clever, cheeky feel of Drlipp.com. How influential do you think the branding has been in your weekly gathering of more and mote global, loyal Dr Lipp fans?

PONTINE: It’s the part that makes it soo much fun. If it didn’t have this cheekiness to it, it wouldn’t make you smile, or me smile. In my mind then what would be the point? It works because the product really works. That’s why I started Dr.Lipp. What better is a product that really works that also gives you a licence to smile, and a sense of liberty?? Wouldn’t you want to share that too?

We all seem to be juggling (too!) many things in a day, these days. Do you have any priceless time-saving, stay-sane tips?

Oh I wish I had the magic number, I feel like life is going faster and faster and it’s getting harder and harder to fit it all in. I guess the more curious you get the more you want to learn and the more you want to do. So its endless, and sometimes I see myself like a dog trying to catch its own tail. So far I have found two tricks. First, to practice Yoga, but a slow Yoga like Yin or Ishta Yoga. It helps quieten the mind so it’s easier to filter what’s really important and what’s not, that way I get more efficient and clearer about what’s important for me. The second is attitude. If I don’t get to something it’s probably not the end of the world so it will all actually still all be ok.

What is the best part, for you personally, about founding the brand and how has it changed your life?

The best part is I have a little tube of Dr.Lipp in practically every corner of my house and office, every bag and every pocket, and if I don’t need it to fix something it always makes me smile. It reminds me that even if you work like a crazy dog, you got to laugh and be a little silly too. The other great part is that it has made me feel so alive.

We’re big advocates of simple, one ingredient multi-taskers and Dr Lipp’s lanolin balm is definitely one of them – how do you use yours?

I use it everywhere, even to shine up my scuffed shoes, and the other day I used it to shine up the wooden handle of my Norwegain cheese knife which had gone all matt. But mostly I use it on my lips and cheekbones, to highlight them so I don’t have to wear make-up whilst giving them long lasting protection so hopefully I will get less wrinkles.

If you weren’t running Dr Lipp, what else would you be doing?

I would be starting a shoe brand that I have an amazing idea for, which will have to come later.



Catch up with Dr Lipp at www.drlipp.com

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