So…what’s a SU-MAN FACIAL really like? Spa writer Stefanie Adams went to find out

Su-Man: Not-Your-Ordinary Facial

Intrigued by facialist-to-the-stars Su-Man (Anne Hathaway and Juliette Binoche are fans), spa writer Stefanie Adams booked herself in for a treatment…(no, we’re not jealous!)

“I’m sure I speak for most women when I say that birthdays should be all about pampering. Especially milestone birthdays. In particular, turning 30.

What better way to celebrate the big 3-0 (or any occasion, really) than with one of the most coveted facials London has to offer?

Enter Su-Man, the celebrated skincare expert renowned for her age-reversing facials. She fuses the best skincare traditions from Eastern and Western philosophies, with the goal of restoring radiance to the skin. With a loyal celebrity following and lavish praise from virtually every review of her treatments, Su-Man has a mighty reputation to live up to. When she greets you with a very warm welcome and detailed analysis of your complexion, you instantly know that you’re in the hands of someone special.

The treatment

Su-Man starts with a vigorous neck and shoulder massage, to read my energy levels and shake out tension. Expert hands firmly massage my head, neck and ears, and I’m completely relaxed in a matter of seconds. Then come the extractions. So many treatments skip this crucial step of extracting blackheads and other impurities, which is an integral part of any facial. Su-Man even manages to extract the pesky millia around my eyes (no one else has managed this feat, ever).

What follows is a procession of beautifully scented and textured products from Su-Man’s skincare line: a silky cleanser, serum-like toner and fragrant coffee scrub remove all traces of London grime from my skin. An unctuous, gloopy sea botanical mask is the highlight: it feels incredibly soothing and nourishing. Su-Man performs a wonderful leg and foot massage while her mask works its magic.

A heavenly facial massage seals the treatment: it literally feels like Su-Man’s fingers are performing an intricately choreographed dance across my face. Short staccato taps alternate with sweeping, graceful glides, toning and lifting the skin. Her Awakening Eye Uplift cream is also a revelation, with its potent blend of spirulina and dragon’s blood. (If you’re searching for a new eye cream, look no further).

The result

When Su-Man holds a mirror to my face post-treatment, my cheekbones are noticeably higher, eyes less sunken, and somehow she’s managed to restore that long-gone plumpness and glow. On the eve of my 30th birthday, my skin looks at least 5 years younger.

Who’s it for?

Su-Man’s facial is ideal if your skin is crying out for a serious pick-me-up, or you’re preparing for a big event (hello, perfect pre-wedding facial).

If your goal is to have uplifted, radiant skin in an impressive 60 minute facial, Su-Man is a fantastic choice. It’s much more than just a facial – it’s an experience that leaves you inspired to take greater care of your skin and inject a bit of ritual into your daily routine.”

Stefanie Adams


Su-Man’s own award-winning skincare range is also a Beauty Shortlist Award winner, explore her personal beauty heroes at:

She’s a big fan of Dragon’s Blood, Tranexamic Acid, Rosehip Oil, Matrixyl 3000 and Ricesilk – there’s more on the ingredients in her range, and why she specifically chose them, at

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