I love it when people try a product that wins a Beauty Shortlist Award (as this one did last month) and fall in love with it.  One friend is in her 30s, the other quite a bit older and the other I think is around 40 and all of them got in touch to say they were really happy they bought this off the back of our Awards.

If I were predicting a new beauty hero for summer, this would probably be it.  Top London facialist Sarah Chapman’s SKINESIS range has tons of emotional/feelgood appeal but crucially, it’s her intelligently-curated science-meets-nature, botanicals-meet-advanced ingredients that just works.  Products like her Overnight Facial smell incredible, and everything is so luxe and is designed to make a visible difference.

Skin Insurance SPF30 is one of those does-everything-you-want-it-to products and although it’s great in winter, I think it really comes into its own in sunnier months, because:

  1. It immediately illuminates skin (products for more mature skin often work well at a deeper level but don’t deliver instant luminosity, in fact I think we can safely predict a flurry of more advanced instant luminosity-boosting skincare in the next couple of years as brands wake up to the fact that the 45+ demographic remains under-catered for). When it’s on, it’s like wearing a subtle highlighter in all the right places, thanks to its smart light scattering powders.
  2. It’s slightly tinted and designed to adapt to your skin shade although I’d like to hear how it works for darker skin as I can’t vouch for this.
  3. An advanced stem cell active complex prevents sun induced wrinkles and slackening.
  4. Think of this as a protect-and-glow product, apply every morning after moisturising, evenly over both your face and neck (or for an even dewier look, add a drop of Skinesis Morning Facial).
  5. It’ll help you get away without wearing foundation or tinted moisturiser as it helps even skin tone.

This is a bit of an investment at £44 but it’s also a bit of a time-saver. I’ve been wearing it on top of my day cream, without foundation or TM and I love the radiance-boost it delivers thanks to those light scattering particles, its tone-evening properties and the long summer day SPF30 protection.

We’re lucky here in Britain to have facialists like Sarah Chapman and Emma Hardie developing innovative products, I’ve always believed brands founded by facialists are among the absolute best and Skinesis is testament to this.


www.sarahchapman.net (check out her skincare videos, too)


SKINESIS is a winner of 3 Beauty Shortlist Awards this year

Best Eye Product 2016 – Eye Recovery

Best Cleanser 2016 – Ultimate Cleanse

Best Beauty Breakthrough 2016 – Skin Insurance SPF30

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  1. Overnight Facial is THE BEST. Skin Insurance is now officially on my to-buy list. Creeping over the thirty mark definitely makes you start to think about products like this one 🙂