KIKO’S NEW WANDERLUST MAKEUP COLLECTION: Beauty with a free-spirited soul

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Whooo! These are causing a stir on Instagram at the moment. Kiko being a Milan-based brand, the Italian bloggers are already reviewing them and they’ve just hit the radar in the UK.

The lust-after rose gold, almost ultra-luxe reptilian packaging was designed by “futurist” Ross Lovegrove, and the promo VIDEO (cue girl on motorbike in the desert) will have you wanting to book a trip to Joshua Tree or the Sahara sooner than soon. Two new fragrances, Sahara Sun and Oasis Sunset are also part of this limited edition launch and there’s a (£12.90) “second skin” Sunshine DD Cream SPF30 in 4 shades


kiko whole set

Check out the Lip/Cheek crayon swatches (the one on the far right of this three is Horizon Sangria, a gorgeous sunset fuschia pink!) on Italian blogger Lady Glow’s YouTube page, she swatches them at about 20.20 mins in…

swatches lip cheek

New Wanderlust Collection – Lip/Cheek swatches

I’ll keep this short as there’s a lot going on this week (I’m packing up to head to Morocco to do some charity work) and please join me for a SS16 new beauty breakfast on Twitter and Instagram this Friday 8 April from 8am when I’ll be revealing some of the products I think you’ll love for the this spring/summer).

Meanwhile, here are the pics and KIKO’s official blurb about the new collection. Everything is super-affordable (e.g. the lip/cheek pencils are £9.90 each) – I haven’t had a chance to try them yet but as a major Kiko cosmetics fan I am sure they’ll be good (side note: Kiko’s retractable eyeliners I think are brilliant, I’m constantly stocking up on them).

If you want to see swatches of the new WANDERLUST launch, do check out Italian blogger Lady Glow’s video on YouTube (scroll to about 20.20 mins when she swatches them all on her arm) – I checked out 4-5 Italian bloggers talking about the collection and she had the best swatches – watch it HERE (but fast forward to get to the swatching bit!)

kiko wanderllust banner

Sahara sun inspiration



Borrowed this pic from a Kiko Tweet


kiko lip cheek

Double-endeds…In The Shade Eyeshadow and Kajal £9.90 each



kiko square main

Gold rose luxe to the max

As a Moroccan man once said to me when we were discussing why travel is so good for us, for understanding others, understanding ourselves better, for building peace, for turning our lives into movies in colour instead of just black and white: “Better to die at 50 having travelled and lived a full life than live to 90 in your own back yard”.

As a digital nomad myself, this new limited edition collection appeals on many levels – the look, the concept, the pricing, the escapism and sunshine, it’s just what we need as we blaze a trail towards summer.

Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Thanks Kiko for the blast of Sahara sunshine!

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From KIKO’s site

Beauty with a free-spirited soul. The allure of an eye-opening adventure. KIKO MILANO launches Wanderlust, the new, limited-edition summer collection inspired by the passion for travel.

The foundation and DD cream are the perfect travel companions for flawless skin wherever you are. A glowing, sun-kissed complexion brings out a set of piercing eyes underscored by well-defined eyeliner, brightly coloured eyeshadow and volume-boosting mascara. The lips are accentuated by the shiny, bold lipsticks and hydrated by delicate lip oils that add a glossy finish. The refined Wanderlust clutch is a must-have with its elegant, unique lines.

The fragrances of the two eau de toilettes evoke a summer aura. Sahara Sun recalls the sun warming your skin, while Oasis Sunset is an adventure leading you to a pristine spring.

Designer Ross Lovegrove created the collection’s packaging. Known for his futuristic work, he interprets the collection’s theme in practically designed products to take with you everywhere. He also identifies and decodes the DNA of KIKO by honing in on its KIKONESS: an essence of elegance, sensuality, femininity, breeziness and usefulness.





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