One of this year’s top Beauty Shortlist Awards highlights was our collaboration with MyShowcase.com – after we wrapped up the main shortlist, MyShowcase founders Kate Shapland and Nancy Cruickshank joined our judging panel to select the brand they loved the most, and two runners-up!

“Innovative brands like Therapie and Prismologie are

the door openers to the future of beauty”

Their vote went to THERAPIE, top aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil’s inspired artisan “beyond aromatherapy” brand.with fresh new Danish skincare brand NUORI SKINCARE (new in the UK at Content Beauty!) and PRISMOLOGIE’S crystal-infused future-of-beauty range, one of the beauty world’s most stunningly-branded collections.

Crystal beauty is a “thing” and I predict the crystal beauty trend will really take off next year (it’s still “settling into people’s psyches”). Innovative brands like Therapie and Prismologie are the door openers to the future of beauty.

I couldn’t be happier to see Therapie – a brand I’ve always championed right from the beginning, their first award was one of ours – picked as the winner of this year’s new MyShowcase/BeautyShortlist Indie Choice Award.

We all need a little Therapie

Thank you Kate and Nancy for sharing the surprises and excitement of this year’s BEAUTY SHORTLIST AWARDS and for your incomparable expertise around beauty and wellbeing.


Prismologie’s Pink Body Balm with Rose Quartz #crystalbeauty


Life-affirming yellow

prismologie indigo massage candle with oud

Indigo Stillness

I got a lot of emails yesterday from brands saying that these are the awards to win, highlighting the integrity around them, which is what’s always been about.  Ten of us tried, tested and ranked, with written feedback, every product that was entered, over a period of six months (not two weeks, not a quick “7/10”), so I really must thank the Amazing PR team for handling the awards so well this year – yet again. The volume of boxes that arrived was a lot to handle and the judges’ passion for beauty and ability to compare last year’s “best” with potential new stars is just invaluable.

It’s not just a question of saying “Oh I love this serum!”  The BIG question is…”Is this serum better than the other 120 we’ve tried this year, last year, etc. etc., does it work, does it give visible results…and what’s in it??”

5 years on since the first ever Beauty Shortlist Awards, yesterday drove home two things for me:

1) Beauty is in a VERY good place right now, with a real flurry of extraordinary gamechangers (and some extraordinary price tags!), eye-candy packaging and a lot of genuine love behind a lot of brands which is almost tangible.

2) Our emotional connection to beauty has never been stronger. It’s a happiness comfort blanket, a mood-booster, a symbol of “me time” and so much more…there was a whole lot of love on Twitter for particular winners.

Fresh batch, small batch beauty…another 2016 trend from NUORI…

nuori skincare

In an often uncertain world where “safe” zones are diminishing, in both a geographical sense and a more ethereal one, if you like, beauty is such a lovely place to be.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s celebrations, Twitter was ablaze with #BSLawards  Tweets and because we don’t reveal the results to brands before the actual day, there were a lot of surprises packed into one long, exciting day (mine started at 5.15am and I’m writing this at 5.44am today)!

Thank you so much Kate Shapland and Nancy Cruickshank for selecting THERAPIE as the 2016 INDIE CHOICE AWARD winner – and congratulations also to runners-up Prismologie and Nuori Skincare!

For everyone asking, the 2017 BEAUTY SHORTLIST AWARDS open for entries on

1 September 2016 (Thursday)

Our 3rd Baby Awards – our mini awards! – open for entries soon, around the end of April

“Therapie has such good energy around it – it has the advantage of being appealing on many different levels, combining performance with passion and present-giving qualities, and this is a tricky balance to get right” – Kate Shapland/MyShowcase

“We all fell in love with Prismologie – it’s modernity, its eye-popping design, its luxuriously creamy textures and unique colour coded concept” – MyShowcase

“It’s not just about being natural and pure, although these qualities are important: Nuori is about real potency – harnessing the greatest potential of properties to make every formula perform at peak efficacy.  A very clever, believable and timely new spin on natural. 

Nuori moves this market on” – MyShowcase




  1. Amazing PR says:

    Thank you so much. We would to add that this years Awards have been the most exciting to date… What a stellar collection. We at Amazing PR have really enjoyed seeing the submissions; the plethora of new and established brands with their innovative new products – it was extraordinary.
    Beauty Shortlist, we can’t wait to start on your 2017 Awards! xx