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Lip balms, serums, treatments, enhancers, volumisers…it’s a big year for lips this year. After trying dozens of lip balms for the Awards on Tuesday 15th, I kept coming back to a couple of them and one of them was Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm – above, right.  I’ve since bought the Squeezable version (left) which seems to taste marginally more minty and because it’s more liquidy, it adds a “gloss” effect while the original stick version is more waxy, more “I’m off for a 3-hr walk up the mountain – see ya!”

I use the stick/twist-up one at home and the squeezy tube, which has a slant-lip applicator, lives in my handbag. The ingredients are slightly different between the two, by the way (as you’d guess from the stick v. liquidy gloss texture), the Squeezable one also has castor seed and vegetable oil and cocoa seed butter in it, which are not in the stick-balm version.

Put it in a tin £4.99

Like so many people I’m a loyal Burt’s Bees Lip Balm fan and this version tops the lot (for me anyway). There are loads of other varieties at Burtsbees.co.uk – from Honey to Wild Cherry, Refreshing, Replenishing, Coconut and Pear…etc.  – I’ve also got my eyes on the Ultra Conditioning Lip Treatment which I haven’t tried yet.


Haven’t tried this one yet…have you? £3.99

Ultra Conditioning,  1 application = 4 hrs of moisturization

Burt’s have added Kokum butter to this (from the Wild Mangosteen tree) which is used in India for cracked skin

And here are the ingredients from the back of the Squeezable Beeswax Lip Balm:


burts ingredients

1. The price.  £3.99 is a small price to pay for a 100% natural balm (even if Vaseline is cheaper – Vaseline rhymes with gasoline, it’s a by product from oil rigs, Google the Vaseline story/history of its discovery)

2. I like the addition of the peppermint oil, it’s like a mini-refresher during the day.

3. This is the only lip balm that sorted out a dry lip attack in January (along with a new brand from Ireland I’ll mention soon and there’s an American bee brand I’ll be reviewing too which has scored highly in all the judging sheets for the awards – a new find for us, I only got to test it a few weeks ago).

Sunflower petals…spring is coming!

4. This Burt’s Lip Balm has rosemary in it, which does a lot of things as a herb, too much to mention here but it’s a natural antiseptic – so, nice addition. You can’t taste it so there’s no herbal taste going on which many people don’t like…you just get the hit of peppermint. Lip balms can be pretty tricky taste-wise, I’ve tried some which are lovely at first but then there’s a weird after-taste – or they just don’t taste good at all. It’s got lanolin in it (which usually I’m not that keen on taste-wise) but again I can’t taste it.  It’s just refreshing and minty without that sickly sweet synthetic-tasting mint you get in some lip balms (gag).

5. It’s Leaping Bunny approved and will last 12 months.

Popular (and in a recycled plastic mini tube)

I could think up 10 reasons why Burt’s Bees are my favourite lip balms but it’s Monday morning and things are very buzzy (gah!) with the Awards next Tuesday. The complete listings will be posted here and we’ll be sharing all the winners on social media, so join us from early morning onwards for all the stand-outs, surprises and sneak peek pre-launch new finds we’ve had to keep to ourselves – but not for much longer!


Actual size – I just held my lip balm up against my laptop screen to check 

£4.99 and 9.92g –  100% natural

More Lip Balm Love… at  BURTSBEES.CO.UK






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