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One of the hardest “facts” to stomach in skincare expertise is the counter-intuitive idea that oil cleansers are good for oily skin.  Wot? There you were, dreaming of zit-zapping tea tree or foam-alone grapefruit cleansers when the experts are telling you that putting oil on oil is good?

Oil cleansers can help balance oily skin, and with some blind faith and a bit of patience, chances are your preconceptions will be blown out of the window (along with your acne, hopefully).  It’s a bit like good fats are good for you…good oils on oily skin will help rebalance it, the last thing you want to do is over-strip your skin, that’s how vicious cycles begin.

OM cleanser

Pure Glow Cleanser, suitable for all skin types, balancing oily skin while rehydrating dry skin.

Doubles as an eye makeup remover, too.

OM Skincare is one of the newer brands on the market, it’s had a lot of press lately and it takes its name from skincare expert and scientist Dr Om Prawarisa, the woman behind the brand. So this is her capsule collection of essentials including a primer, serum, cleanser, moisturiser and No-Lines Nourishing Cream (to tackle eye issues like puffiness and the dreaded “no, I’m a human, not a panda” dark circles, the fastest way to look rough on a Monday morning).

But back to the Pure Glow Cleanser…here’s a snapshot of it to give you an idea (I tried this last year and earmarked it for a very overdue review – better late than not at all though, as it’s worth a shout out).

What is it like?

A rich, balmy, slightly oily gel – it really is rich and feels very concentrated.

Skin Types: ALL

Age: This is a pretty “age neutral” product, although I think it would sit especially well if your skin veers towards dry and/or you’re approaching 40 (or well beyond).

How to use it: Pure Glow is a bit of a triple-tasker, which is nice.

Use it:

a) As a day/night daily cleanser (apply to skin, massage in with upward circular movements, rinse off with warm water)…or (b) Use on eye makeup and remove with a cotton wool pad.

And (c), the last option, is a deep cleansing (and hydrating, actually) treatment.  Apply on to clean, dry skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes 2 x a week (massage with the tips of your fingers before rinsing).

Key Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera (like glugging down a litre of water, but for your skin!), Rosewood Oil (helps reduce blackheads, pimples and acne by controlling the amount of sebum one’s oil glands are creating and “energetically” it promotes happiness and inner joy, and the third main one is one of my ALL time favourites (which I use with room diffusers all the time, especially on dark, dreary winter days)…Sweet Orange Oil (round of applause for uplifting factor!)  This oil is well known as a skin detoxifier and oranges have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries – they’re said to help promote the production of collagen and increase the blood flow to your skin. There’s glycerin and Panthenol (closely related to Vit B5, pantothenic acid), which helps restore damaged epithelium (skin’s thin surface tissue) and improve skin hydration.

Price: £35/150ml

Dr Prawarisa is a strong believer in inside-out beauty, reminding us to harmonise mind, body and spirit and keeping mindfulness at the forefront of our daily lives – a State of OM, as she calls it. Living in the moment, relaxing, breathing and letting go.  Balancing acts aren’t easy in the rush-rush, juggle 20 things at once world a lot of us live in, but this  mindful, meditative philosophy is a nice touch to this brand…or rather it’s at the very heart of it.

I liked this Pure Glow Cleanser, it’s a worthwhile discovery and I think if you love skin cleansing balms but are in the mood for something a bit different, you’ll enjoy using this one. While the pretty packaging reminds us to stay close to nature, take time to smell the flowers, stop for a tea and watch the hummingbirds outside the kitchen window…just like the one on OM’s Pure Glow Cleanser box…





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