IT’S A “YES” TO OLAPLEX at MICHAELJOHN (…and it just takes 15 mins, plus a blissful head massage)



Last Monday, spa writer and BSL contributor Stefanie Adams was having the Monday most of us dream of – head massages and ultra-conditioning hair treatments, instead of working.  I couldn’t go, so she graciously stepped in for what turned out to be a blissfully good Olaplex treatment and cut at MichaelJohn in Mayfair.

Here’s how it went, along with the before/after pics.

Tresses, Transformed…

First, a confession: I’ve been twisting and tying my hair into a ballerina’s bun for the better part of 5 years. I can’t remember the last time I wore my locks down. If your hair type is also a confounded combo of dry-frizzy-greasy (yes, that trio IS possible!) you might just understand my lazy habit of perpetually tying it up.

But, what’s this? A glimpse of my driver’s license shows someone with long, healthy, wavy layers. Pre-ballerina bun days. Where did it all go wrong? Quite possibly, it was when those pesky greys started multiplying and I just had to do something about it. That ‘something’ was at-home colouring. Bye bye, glossy mane. Hello, dry-frizzy-greasy.

So you can understand my glee when the beautiful MichaelJohn Salon in Mayfair invited me and my tortured tresses in for a cut and Olaplex treatment.



The lovely Tamin, the man who worked his (and the Olaplex) magic…

Tamim Al Kanou Mayfair (1)



Voila! Silky, super-conditioned, gentle waves…the actual Olaplex treatment takes just 15 mins – topped off by a blissful head massage

(and back)

How Olaplex works

Heralded as a revolutionary new conditioning treatment for damaged hair, Olaplex reconnects broken bonds in the hair and transforms its structure. If your hair has been damaged by colouring, heating or overzealous bleaching, this is the product for you. It differs from other nourishing treatments in that it doesn’t just work on the surface – it penetrates the hair and actually repairs damage from the inside. And it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. Just pure protein.

Another great thing about Olaplex: it only takes 15 minutes. It’s a simple two-step process. The first application is massaged into hair, left on for five minutes, and then the second application is applied straight on top. 10 minutes later, everything is rinsed out and hair is washed and conditioned. And at MichaelJohn, you get a blissful head massage to top it all off!

Without even touching my still-wet hair, I could feel a change. It felt heavier and glossier as stylist and Olaplex expert Tamin combed it. After a great cut and blow dry (one of the best I’ve had, by the way), I couldn’t believe the change. My hair was exceptionally glossy and smooth, and the colour even looked richer.

We’d rather be…here (on a Monday morning!)


How long do the results last, you ask? They’re permanent. No top ups needed. Glossy, luminous, head-turning hair until it grows out. £50 may seem steep for a hair treatment, but this one delivers very, very impressive results.

The whole experience at MichaelJohn was incredibly relaxing, and I left feeling like I’d just spent a few hours at the spa. Once you try Olaplex, you may become addicted!

The Olaplex Treatment, from £50 at MichaelJohn


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