THE SMART AGE SUPPLEMENT: PURE ELIXIR (and the lowdown on the “smart” bit!)

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If you’re a believer in inside-out beauty – as I am, 200% – you’ve probably become a savvy supplement hunter. I think beauty (along with “preventive disease” supplements, as I call them, could become so big in the next 10 years that we’ll all be taking them, just like we casually pop a multivitamin with breakfast, already).

Here’s what’s (so) good about Pure Elixir 01 Smart Age Supplement.

I love a good label and it’s got one.

  1. Marine Collagen (you could argue that collagen is the be all and end all of skincare). Collagen starts breaking down more alarmingly around age 30. So supplementing it internally becomes even more important as the birthdays come and go. When you see a woman whose face matches the tan leather bag she bought in the Costa Brava, she’s been “photo-aged”, the sun’s destroyed her collagen. The sun breaks down collagen at a more intense rate than collagen normally, naturally breaks down as we get older, which means too much sun is like a collagen breakdown bomb blast. Happy 70th birthday (when you’re 60!) Those criss-cross, map-of-life lines on sun-worshippers’ faces are a telltale sign that underneath the top layer of skin, in addition to the agent orange tan, all is not well.
  2. Vitamin C…does a million different things.  Boosts brightness, helps reduce sun spots, calm inflammation, aids in boosting collagen production, in turn helping to firm skin.  It’s the king of antioxidants.
  3. Soya Isoflavones are potent phyto-estrogens and without getting into too much science here, they act like another collagen-builder.  Soy isoflavones come from soy protein, it’s the isoflavone part that’s important because isoflavones work as antioxidants.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid. If you put me on a desert island with one skincare ingredient (other than, possibly, rosehip oil, prickly pear or argan) I’d be requesting a six month supply of HA.  Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is  a glycosaminoglycan (spelling test later – ha!) which is a sort of molecule made up of sugars. But here’s the clincher. HA has a fabulous USP. One gram of HA can retain up to 6 litres of water (yes “omg”) so if dewy skin is your thing, HA is your best friend. It attracts and hold moisture so well – vital in avoiding that parchment paper look which I see in older women, who (when I ask them!) are often not using a facial oil, or a good HA-based serum, and not drinking enough water. Central heating sucks the life out of skin, so the HA in Pure Elixir should really help.
  5. The last two ingredients on the chart on the back of the Pure Elixir Smart Age 01 Supplement pack (30 capsules, one a day), are Vitamin E and Tomato Extract (Lycopene, which is a good one to take for your eyes/eyesight, by the way).

Perhaps the most convincing argument for taking Pure Elixir is the one below. Kate’s MyShowcase beauty edit is like a “best of” on one website, so Pure Elixir founder Amanda Henson must be delighted to be  a new part of it.

Pure Elixir has just arrived at MyShowcase, and it’s HERE.

Dosage: One capsule a day with water.  One pack = one month’s supply.

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