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Small batch beauty is big news for 2016 with more artisan brands making headlines. Here’s one to watch: Wild Wood Groves founded by Ruth Hajioff, the original argan pioneer (she ran a stall at Borough Market selling her argan before most of us had even heard of it). Her range sparkles with argan blends and she has a number of celebrity fans but she never shouts about it – so I will, instead! (One of them’s Sophie Dahl).

Like rosehip, argan is my other favourite single wonder oil, both are very healing as well as heavy-duty multi-taskers, so if you prefer one single oil instead of a cocktail in your facial oil, rosehip or argan are the way to go. Squalene, from olives, is another super single oil. And coconut, in different ways. But I find myself returning to rosehip and argan when I crave a simple facial oil.

Anyway, it didn’t take long before the big brands quickly joined the argan party but I still have a soft spot for Ruth’s “original and the best” oils over and above many of the other argan brands. Because there’s a real story, real heart behind them.

  • Wild Wood Groves’ 100% pure, wild harvested argan oil is ethically hand produced according to the age old tradition, by Berber women in the Essaouira-Agadir area.
  • They’re pure.  She doesn’t dilute them with other oils (a tip from her: to check if your oil is mixed, put it in the fridge – the other oils will separate).
  • Her blends “do more” – e.g. the Rose Absolute is very calming and centering, and reputedly a bit of an aphrodisiac (like cinnamon as I was told when I was in Essaouira!) while I use the Lavender on insect bites or to help heal a cut (as well as on my face and nails).
  • Ruth visits Morocco regularly to oversee the actual production and check on the team. Her brand is more like a family and her passion for Morocco, healing, herbs and the Berber community shines through.  I’ve met her quite a few times so I can vouch for that!
  • It’s an interesting range – from baby argan oil to men’s blends, with rose and frankincense, mimosa, jasmine, lavender, and special seasonal blends all mixed in.
  • Sophie Dahl is a fan of the Lavender (lavender and argan) in the pic, and it’s one of my favourites, too!
  • Argan suits virtually all skin types, it’s a sebum balancer so while using argan if you have oily skin sounds totally counter-intuitive, it’s a good idea.
  • Argan has a tiny amount of natural sun protection in it but it’s even better at healing scars


She’s covered most argan FAQs on her site at and she’s leaving for Morocco on 30 January, this week, so if you want to order a bottle or one of her skincare products with prickly pear (also fantastic and so laborious to produce!) you can, before noon this Friday.  Otherwise, orders will be fulfilled from Feb 6th onwards with a free gift for your patience while she’s away.

“For me, it’s Ruth’s  flower-infused blends that make Wild Wood Groves so unique.  

I adore her Lavender Blend which just beats the summer-in-the-south-of-France Mimosa by a Moroccan cat’s whisker”

– Fiona, The Beauty Shortlist

For me, it’s Ruth’s flower-infused blends that make Wild Wood Groves so unique. I adore her Lavender Blend which just beats the “summer in the south of France” Mimosa by a Moroccan cat’s whisker.

Have you tried Wild Wood’s argan blends yet? I think the Baby Blend would be a great little gift for a new mum. It’s so pure, safe, gentle and comforting and it helps soothe cradle cap and eczema too. While the Rose Absolute would be a sweet gift for mum for Valentine’s…most of the blends come in three bottle sizes from 15ml up.

Happy travels in Morocco, Ruth! x



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