NOTES FROM THE BATHROOM: Recycle Style and beautiful things from Bamford, Aveda, Maddi Alexander & Savon Stories

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I’m Instagramming quite a generous sprinkling of my favourites this week @beautyshortlist and if you’re short on time I’ve just started Instaglam Mini Posts – quick round-ups for beauty hounds on the run.

Some quick notes from my bathroom today, I’ve been using these and all 4 of them merit a 30-second shout out. Have you tried any of these? x

From L to R:

Maddi Alexander’s SERENE FLOWER DIFFUSER (yes – no sticks!) So pretty, clever. You place the delicate fabric flower, which has a string as a stem, into the home fragrance oil and the cotton string sucks the fragrance up into the petals. Scent: Geranium and Lavender – the resulting blend is feminine and flowery.

£30 from


Close up

Bamford’s Restore Elixir £75. One of the unique points about this facial oil is the inclusion of very precious cacay oil (glad there’s a “y” in there), Dubbed “the Amazon almond”, the bright green cacay nut tree grows to quite a height, it’s massive, in the Columbian Amazon region and it is a natural, concentrated source of retinol (which helps “turn over” skin cells). Cacay is going to get quite a bit of press this year, it’s super-nutritious and very high in retinol so it’s quite unique – in fact it has more retinol than any other oil.

Bamford have blended it with rosehip – intelligent move – which is one of the most healing, do-everything single oils. Whatever your skin type, rosehip (which helps fade scars, protects, regenerates, repairs damage and more…) is a skin guardian.

“b” is for bamford…

Bamford’s delicate-feel, highly restorative oil-elixir has a subtle rose, chamomile and lemon scent 

You look pretty

Bamford’s “secret” messages about the inspiration behind their skincare products inside the box…love this touch 

AVEDA Stress Fix Composition Oil for body, bath and scalp

bathroom aveda flowers

A little wildflower love for Aveda…I picked these flowers and herbs yesterday evening

This bottle I take with me on my travels because it’s so useful. I am a lavender fan and like the clary sage mix, it’s gentle, calming and not too overpowering.  It sinks beautifully into skin and I’m going to save the rest to use it as a summer body oil because it’s not greasy.

The awards judging which is still in full fling gives us such a clear take on body oils because you’re constantly sifting and shortlisting and comparing what were previous years’ best body oils against new entries for 2016.  Aveda have opted for a gentler aromatherapy “hit” but I think that’s quite a clever move in a way because much as I adore aromatherapy, not everyone wants to walk around smelling like a lavender shop in Provence. Stress Fix hits that not too strong, not too subtle sweet spot.

AVEDA STRESS FIX Composition Oil – at a glance (taken directly from their site)

  • aroma proven to reduce feelings of stress with certified organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage from the French Alps
  • relieves dryness and restores moisture for instant radiance
  • seals in moisture to leave skin feeling soft and supple
  • 100% naturally derived* with certified organic sunflower and jojoba seed oils

*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

Nicely priced at £23 for 100ml


Also £23 is this lovely find from and if you’re into really pretty nature-inspired packaging, have a little tour around their website. There’s a generous 300ml of their Mandarin & Geranium Hand and Body Wash in an amber glass bottle. I’ve just discovered this brand and it has so many interesting points of difference – and they give back to The Brooke, a charity that helps donkeys and horses.

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Beauty storytelling by Savon Stories, top right, inspired by the founder’s 115 yr old grandfather

I can’t speak for most of the range, as I’ve just tried three products but there is something special about Savon Stories, founded in honour of creator Moute’s grandfather who lived to a ripe old 115 and the storytelling element is the soul of this brand, it reflects the passing down through generations of herbal, healing, beauty traditions.

Have a look at the site – the brand is all about raw, energy-rich botanicals and the products look exquisite, I’m looking forward to trying more and getting to know Savon Stories better this year. Have you tried them?

“Nature is not an ingredient for us, it’s a language” – Savon Stories

So to sum up: This is a really moisturising, perfectly “textured” organic hand and body wash inspired by two of my favourites from the fruit and plant world, Mandarin & Geranium. Their soaps are so beautifully packaged you’ll be wanting to give them as no-need-to-wrap gifts. They’re lovely.

savon soaps

“We grew up on our grandfather’s storytelling, fables that brought

the elements of the natural world alive.

It’s influenced how we see the world and our craft.

Nature is not an ingredient for us; it’s a language.”


bathroom greens

Last but not least, bathroom decor that costs zero: 2 x slim plastic orange juice bottles and a few leaves




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