Quickie! As it’s getting ridiculously busy with the Awards again, if you’re following on  you’ll know I do lots of “mini post” product reviews, so you can get an idea why I like something but they’re not as detailed obviously as a proper post. Useful, though, I hope!

You’ll also find some eco design ideas, beautiful, simple interiors, travel pics and anything that catches my eye – like the very different room oil burner, below.  I don’t have a huge amount of time to be writing “deep” beauty reviews until we wrap the awards up on 15 March – instead, follow @BeautyShortlist for a mini-shortlist of daily updates, I usually post/repost about 4-5 a day, quick fixes to warm up grey Jan/Feb days…

A few posts from last week, below. Enjoy your Sunday! x


I love bringing nature inside. Shells, caramel beach stones infused with inky purple lines, Neals Yard’s lovely Geranium & Orange Body Lotion shares bathroom space with Spiezia – I finished the Cleansing Balm so it’s a tealight holder instead, now! The bottle on the right is an empty plastic orange juice bottle, I usually fill one with an olive branch (peace) or some tall, willowy-style stems.  

I’ve been watching a stunning film on legendary herbalist Juliette de Baraclai Levy on HERE She always said you should thank a plant for its cuttings and never take too much.  She was a nomad for 70 years, travelling with bedouins and gipsies, learning their plant lore and sharing hers with them. She lived a very colourful, peaceful life – she was a true original who followed her heart. The documentary is magical – if you’re into herbs, wildlife, plants and simplicity you will find it really interesting! Her favourite herb was rosemary, by the way – she explains why in the film. If you watch it please tell me what you thought! 

The very different oil burner that got a lot of love on Instagram 😉

Can’t remember who stocks this, I think I found it on an Australian site – anyone know?

insta 2

Kure Bazaar @KureBazaar’s 5-free nail polishes which are made from 85% organic ingredients including…yes, wheat. They’ve nailed the Pantone-variety shade factor – huge spectrum – and the formulas are great.

@TimothyDunnLondon sent me this stunning Valentine-esque Blue Rose candle. It comes in a fuschia leather effect cylindrical “hat box” and this is one heavy candle – the beautiful deep pink glass (a bit more raspberry than it looks in this pic) is so thick.  It just oozes “luxe”.

Half an hour after I lit this the other evening I could smell it before I walked into the bedroom, I’ve been living in a flower shop filled with fresh roses ever since. Utterly gorgeous, from top London florist Timothy Dunn, whose candles are in a league of their own. Rose fans will basically die and go to heaven – ! Tim captures the absolute essence of flowers, I don’t think I’ve come across such a “pure flower” inspired candle brand -ever. Once you’ve tried one, some other brands fall by the wayside because by comparison they smell synthetic. #adore

Scent notes: Violet, raspberry, Moroccan rose

insta 6

From Berber beauty to Bowie to Boujmaa Guilloul,

Moroccan and international windsurf champion…all the Bs.

insta 4

There’s lots more on Instagram but I’m going to an early Sunday market so that’s it – I’ve been watching Don Miguel Ruiz on YouTube, what a gentle, wise, wonderful man.

Have you read The Four Agreements book?

No. 1 – “Be Impeccable With Your Word” – is a life-changer. 

His Instagram page is @DonMiguelRuiz

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