SKN-RG Advanced Eye Elixir’s ultra-light creamy, serum isn’t one of those oil-style elixirs (I usually think of rich, golden drops, do you?) it’s more of a very liquidy cream when you squeeze it out of the dropper.

It’s good.  It caught my eye (ha!) during the awards judging, which is still going on – we don’t usually know the winners until we’ve collated all the comments and rankings until a week before Awards Day (15 March) so it’s always as much as a surprise for us as it is for everyone else!

This is an interesting product for a few reasons:

  1. It contains high density fermentations rich in probiotics, antioxidants and minerals
  2. SKN-RG Advanced are Natural Products with a high percentage of Certified Organic Ingredients (and their SKN-RG Organics range is Soil Association certified).
  3. It’s what I call one of the “modern organics” which harness the most cutting edge natural ingredients – cutting edge as in the most results-driven, via plant/algae/flower power so you end up with a cocktail of phyto-centric ingredients that work to do different things (eg. anti-inflammatory, pro-collagen production, and so on)
  4. The ingredients themselves – SK-NRG have gone for sea algaes, ferments, collagens and antioxidants, mainly – the Eye Elixir contains Black Tea Kombucha Ferment (very “LA”!), Marine Collagen, Plant Collagen, hardworking, very protective and healing oils like Rose and Evening Primrose, Frankincense and Manuka Honey. Also 2 ingredients you may not have heard of – Fumitory Extract (from a flowering plant that looks nothing like a poppy but is related to the poppy family, used to treat eczema) and the very healing Solomon’s Seal (Latin name: Polygonatum), Lily of the Valley relation which grows wild in Britain’s woods as well as far afield as Siberia.
  5. Rounding off this excellent line-up is Hyaluronic Acid (which we have in our bodies already), one of the absolute, all time best things you want in your skincare – it’s like a drink for skin. Scientifically proven to retain moisture it’s a natural moisture magnet and moisture retainer, so if you have HA in a skincare formula, it means your skin’s going to “dry out” less quickly and keep looking dewier for longer.  HA serums are wonderful things.

I’m using this product at the moment and like it a lot.

Have you tried any of the SKN-RG range?

It’s an investment buy and worth it, I’d say.

SKN-RG Eye Elixir is £65/30ml at SKN-RG.COM

2 responses to “SKN-RG PURE LUMINOSITY EYE ELIXIR (why we like it)”

  1. The serum has a thick texture but is by no means greasy. It absorbs
    immediately into the skin and leaves it feeling nourished. It also has a
    great smell. Suitable for: Fragile, sensitive, dry skin, eczema, cracked, sore, anti-ageing.

  2. Lynda Glass says:

    I adore SKN-RG, love everything about the company especially the passion. Have yet to try this product, but sold from your write up.

    Thanks Lyn