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Your health is your greatest treasure, and as the avalanche of New Year, New You, etc. begins again, we’re ringing in 2016 with top London personal trainer Alex Marks whose grounded advice and inspirational approach really hits the spot – if he can’t get you going, nobody can! And if you’re going to be a new mum this year, he’s your man when it comes to pre-natal fitness.

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You can join Alex at On Your Marks In The Park in Clapham, south London on Saturday 9 Jan at 10.30 – more info below.


1) Every January there’s a fitness blitz…but for many it’s short- lived. What do you think are some of the main reasons we sabotage our own health and fitness these days? 

Time management tends to be the most limiting factor to maintaining a greater level of health and fitness. The sabotage comes in many forms; work related, social and a lot of it stems down to education around what and how to make the most effective use of the time we chose to invest when exercising and eating. It’s also the time it takes for ‘new year, new me’s’  to see the investment (in time and education) pay off that discourages and sabotages people’s investment. The advantages of sticking it out and learning what methods get you to performing to your optimum health reach far beyond just the aesthetic change. Greater performance at work (where the majority of your emotional and intellectual energy is spent), increased work ethic and happiness are rewards that we all stand to benefit from not becoming another mid March gym membership cancellation statistic.


2) You have a really grounded, inspirational approach – lifting your clients spirits while they lift weights, so to speak. What are the roots of your inspiration and motivation?


Ha, I try to leave clients with a level of fulfilment that stretches past just a hard workout. Encouragement and positivity is pretty vital when you are asking your clients to push themselves physically, sometimes close to and past failure(or at least their perception); so I try and lift their spirits up with positive affirmations through out.


Personally, I was lanky growing up and a bit of a social recluse who lacked confidence or found it hard to fit in. It was only when I was underperforming in a school sports team that a pastoral head and sports teacher introduced me to the weights room that things changed. He invested his own time and energy into my physical development. It was a huge turning point for me and has served as my biggest moment of inspiration. I feel obligated in a way, to help people because I have felt just how much of change a little selfless investment can make to somebodies quality of life. I now get a buzz out of my own and others self development.

3) Who’s easier to train, a man or a woman?

Both are equally awesome and capable. Next question. Haha…

4) You also specialise in fitness training for mums to be, what’s involved and how can it help?

I look at optimising the health of a pre-natal mother to optimise the chances of conception and then give both conducive and appropriate exercises through out the three stages of pregnancy. Every client is different and we go on how the client is feeling on the day as to how hard we work right the way up to child birth. Post child birth we work on devising a weekly plan of exercise sessions both with me and the post natal community. I have ties with a few yoga studios and other specialists and collectively we help Mum get back to feeling and moving like themselves in the healthiest fashion possible; which for some may even be fitter then pre baby. Advantages of exercising pre and post stretch from increased stamina(both obviously very important for child birth and the day to day tasks of motherhood) to physical conditioning and escapism. All in all exercising whilst pregnant is safe and helps to maintain a balanced physical and psychological state.

5) 5 words to describe you?







Extra question! What are your plans for January, e.g. any classes or special events coming up?
I have a female only ‘buddy up’ New Year de-tox running Saturday and Sunday mornings 10.30am. 60 minutes of fun, motivational and partner based body shaping and hiit training on Clapham Common.

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