Winter and Christmas (?!) are days away now, so we’re in skin cocooning overdrive this week.

Award-winning British artisan beauty brand Inner-Soul Organics London have just launched their first range of facial skincare to keep you refreshed, cleansed and hydrated as the radiators heat up (along with a craving for comfort food!)

“Emma is an expert blender and businesswoman with astounding beauty know-how” 

                                                                     – Get The Gloss

Along with Inner Soul’s NEW Nordic Collection Gift Set for Christmas 2015, founder Emma Coleman has launched another new skincare set for snow season: her Roses and Lemons Daily Nourish Kit, featuring an award-winning, super-concentrated serum, Inner Soul’s signature moisturiser and the latest newcomer to the range, the mango and coconut-based Cleanse Balm.

Emma believes that massage, alongside the use of high performance natural skincare to improve blood circulation and “feed” skin, is the optimal way to Ph balanced, happier skin.  We liked the brand a lot while judging the 2015 Awards last year and since then more industry accolades have come in for Inner Soul, including  a Green Parent Award this year.

If you’re into “cashmere blanket” style skincare (as in rich, concentrated, protective, soothing and healing) Inner Soul’s formulas will tick a lot of boxes for you.

This is a real go-to range if your skin veers in a normal-dry direction. I think it’s a brand worth looking closely at, too, if you’re hitting the 35-40+ mark soon as these products have a concentrated line-up of plant-powered, “age-slowing” ingredients (even if the products are not technically age-specific). Emma has developed products for acne, sensitive, combination and dryer-prone skins, as well as formulas for psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

Also noteworthy – the Barefaced Beauty Serum in the new kit, below, is an excellent balancing serum which can help fade scarring, too.

So here’s a look at the new Roses and Lemons Daily Nourish Kit

NEW – Roses and Lemons Daily Nourish Kit 

This new season set contains a trio of good-sized products which will last a good while. There’s:

  • A very generous 55ml of beautiful Roses and Lemons Tender Cleanse Balm with mango and virgin coconut butters to cleanse gently without stripping your skin of its natural oil content, plus calendula for extra soothing.
  • There’s also a 15ml size Beauty Shortlist Awards 2014 Finalist Barefaced Beauty Natural Serum which is a rich, nourishing, concentrated serum/oil packed with plant and fruit extracts to fend off fine lines, dryness, outbreaks and soothe irritations. Including Kiwi Seed, Spilanthes Flower (dubbed Nature’s Botox, it has a firming effect on skin, encourages cell regeneration and is anti-inflammatory – but it does more!) as well as healing, nourishing, anti-scarring Rosehip extract (which for me, is one of the best single oils you could ever treat your skin with). If your skin is aching for something that will leave it looking “dewier”, more luminous and refreshed-looking, this a pretty super-charged facial serum and you’ll get a lot of mileage out of it. It’s superb in dry/cold environments like the mountains in winter, so if you’re off skiing, add it to your Alpine Survival Kit!
  • The kit is completed with Supreme Comfort Daytime Moisturiser, a lovely light cream, created with Red Raspberry Seed to boost skin’s natural immunity, protecting against those pesky age-accelerating free radicals, and nourishing skin with vitamins A,C and E to promote collagen. (Also in a 55ml size). All products are scented with light essences of Rose Absolute, Rose de Mai, Bergamot and Lemon.

…and a FREE Eye Balm with every order while stocks last

Inner Soul are popping in a FREE In-Sleep Eye Revival Balm made with Arnica, Ginseng and Lavender and worth £12 with all orders while stocks last (good for puffy post-office party eyes or if your dark circles are normally more “dark side of the moon” during the mad run-up to the holidays).

Also – Emma’s brand is a great advocate for ‘bespoke’ skincare, and this new Roses and Lemons set can be tailored to your needs by giving you the option of adding a little of the serum to the moisturizer before applying – if you feel your skin needs it.

The set also comes complete with an organic cotton muslin cloth and the brand’s unique facial massage instructions.

As the Cleanse Balm alone retails at £17, the travel size Barefaced Serum £18 and the Supreme Comfort Daytime Moisturiser £24.50 (adding up to a total of almost £60) for £49.50 this is great value.


The NEW Nordic Collection Gift Set £24.50

…and the awards keep coming in!

The NEW Nordic Collection Gift Set – Christmas 2015

Next up, check out the Nordic Collection Gift Set – here, you get three of Inner Soul’s top selling heroes for bath and body:

  • The Scandinavian Decadence Bath and Body Scrub
  • The Shower Serum
  • A Nordic Berry Bliss Hand and Body Salve


Emma toured Norway and Finland on a research mission, where she fell in love with local customs as well as the spectacular range of skin-nourishing fauna and flora which grows wild in these regions.

On returning to the UK, she formulated her own contemporary and unique range including another Beauty Shortlist fave, the Scandinavian Bath and Body Scrub (a finalist in the 2015 Awards).

Nourishing, organic extracts in this range include Arctic Oat, Norwegian Kelp, Cranberry, Red Raspberry and Norwegian Blueberry. The scents are designed to linger on the skin and uplift the mind, with essential oils of Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Birch and high altitude Lavender, perfect for morning times or to relieve evening sluggishness.

The Scandinavian Shower Serum is a great alternative to chemical-laden shower gels. Winter’s central heating dries skin out at an alarming rate and while we tend to “body exfoliate” more in summer for bikini season, this is a good “spa-style” way to keep dry skin at bay in winter.

Try slathering on the luscious oil before stepping into the shower, then exfoliate with the Scandinavian Bath and Body Salt Scrub, paying attention to rough and uneven areas and rinse well. Finally, apply the Berry Bliss Hand and Body Salve to towel-dried skin, which will help to keep all the moisture you’ve just added, locked in. The scents of these products really do last, both on your skin and in the bathroom, which makes them even nicer to use (or give as a gift) and at £24.50 the Nordic Collection Gift Set is a bit of a beauty steal too.

Emma Coleman founded Inner-Soul Organics in 2011 after training as a Reflexologist and Clinical Aromatherapist, specialising in skin disorders. She is one of Get The Gloss’s beauty experts.
SPECIAL OFFER ALERT:  Inner Soul Organics are having a Black Friday sale with 30% OFF on Friday 27th November ONLY – set that reminder for Friday morning!

Emma is a goldmine of information when it comes to skin problems that need solutions as she has a wealth of experience in skincare.

You can follow her new launches, tips and new product news on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as on the Inner Soul blog.

See Inner Soul Organics’ complete “winter cashmere blanket” NEW Christmas 2015 Range here

Twitter: @InnerSoulOrg  #loveyourskin

Instagram: @InnerSoulOrganicsSkincare

Facebook: InnerSoulOrganics



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