Big US beauty market influencer South Korea is much more British Beauty Blogger’s domain, but I’ve just been reading about Egg Mousse Foaming Body Oil and Ulzzang, a popular South Korean term literally meaning “best face” or “good-looking” – ordinary people, not celebs, whose good looks/style have drawn internet followers.

Spotted in Allure mag online – Too Cool For School’s Egg Mouse (foaming) Body Oil.

Spray away!

But back to the Egg Mousse Foaming Body Oil. ALLURE mag in the US reports that its makers, Korean beauty brand Too Cool For School are now in the US market. It’s fluffy, like whipped egg whites, a bit like something Nigella’s been whipping up but it sinks into the skin super-quickly, and beats (ha!) most body oils hands down if you want to apply it in the morning before work. Love the egg whip on the label. It’s actually full of good oils and just a touch of egg extract (see the review link below, for ALLURE).

Side note: IF you are a dry body oil seeker, ORICO London’s Vitamin Dry Multi-Oil £19 is a 2015 Beauty Shortlist Awards winner and it’s brilliant. It’ll leave a sheen but not the slightest hint of oiliness on you, I absolutely love that product, it’s a bare arms/legs essential for Christmas parties.

Here’s the ALLURE review.

Cosmetics Business just ran this piece on Korean beauty, “Ulzzang Style – The next Asian Influence in our Makeup Bags” – one trend making the rounds there is decorative circle lenses for eyes, available in different colours to make your eyes pop.


One trend I’m not going to be copying, that’s 100% sure, is the frosted lip/popsicle lip look. It’s too Arctic polar bear-meets-chapped-lips and works better if you’re sixteen, but…


…and here’s the whole Ulzzang scoop if you want to know more.

Last but not least, TIME mag’s 100 Years of Korean Beauty in 90 Seconds is brilliant! Have you seen it?

It shows the transformation of Korean beauty trends in both the North and South of the country, side by side.

WATCH here

Tony Moly Eyeliner, one of many wonders

at Korean-curated beauty site Sokoglam

Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips – controlled dabbing, stays on forever (so they say, have not tried)


For a round-up of 10 of the Best Korean Beauty products, check out NY mag’s top ten HERE


Happy Gangnam Style hump day.



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