I’m taking a break for some much-needed breathing space. It’s been a madly busy year and I haven’t taken a holiday yet and really need one so I’m heading to Morocco to set up our special Maroc Week in mid October. I hope you enjoy it!

It’s a celebration of Morocco’s extraordinary artisan/design heritage and we’ll be interviewing local artisans and designers and posting our own ad lib shortlist of some of the best, most unique places to see, stay and savour the unique flavour of Essaouira, in particular, as well as other parts of this beautiful country.

I won’t be writing any posts for the next two weeks or so but you can follow @BeautyShortlist on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER where I’ll be sharing all the new beauty, travel, surf, yoga, design, accessories, textiles, home furnishings and interiors and fashion finds along the way…

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite for a long chillout weekend right on the Atlantic surf, have a look at Blue Kaouiki on the link below. Essaouira is even closer now that easyJet flies direct from London Luton to Essaouira (the flight is shorter than London to Tenerife).


Have a beautiful October xx

…and thanks for the amazing photo  www.bluekaouki.com!





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