me me me

Self confidence is one thing, self obsession is a whole other bag (of problems). We’ve had the digital detox/too much tech/ADD backlash but I’m really hoping for a big backlash against Selfie Syndrome.

I was on Instagram the other night thinking how silly those selfie “sticks” look in photos – your arm out at an awkward angle, another photo of…oh, yes, YOU! So many YOUs you could populate Brazil (with yourself).

What’s behind this “me” obsession? Speaking of Brazil, the Russian and Brazilian bikini (err..models?) whose Instagram pages are all – them. (Not wanting to point a finger at any particular nationality here but yes, it was Russian women and Brazilian babes who kept popping into my Instagram space, before they all got blocked).

It’s such an ugly trait, vanity.  As opposed to healthy self-esteem. Vanity is a losing game.  One minute you’re the queen of selfies, the next you’re a has-queen has-been, roaring towards middle or old age, with crows feet that terrify you – magnified to you, and to your ego, like deep cracks in the Grand Canyon. Cue trouble ahead for those so obsessed with their looks they have nothing else to live for – or offer anyone.

I get the selfie travel photos, the make-up ones, the hair ones…I get those. Maybe, if there’s something remotely worth pointing out or saying. But I’m tired of me, me, me, for the sake of it,  it’s just so boring, boring, boring.

But that’s just me (me, me). What about you?

PS…and trout pouts.

2 responses to “ME ME ME ME (ME!)”

  1. Joanna White says:

    I was fascinated and horrified at the same time while sitting on a long train journey this week to see a girl in the carriage spend the entire journey pouting and taking selfies – for over 45 minutes. Her friend looked bored beyond belief, and who could blame him. There is more to life and a big fascinating world out there. Please stop the introspection. I agree with you – vanity = bad, self esteem = healthy.

  2. Tammy says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The ME ME ME thing is just plain boring. Highly uninteresting. I am annoyed with it, so much so, that when I hear ‘if you fancy following me on xxx or xxx…..’ and ‘if you want to follow me around and get to know what I have been up to…..’I would just turn that off….. it’s just placing far too much importance on one self, and I just wonder if those people know what big/important things are happening in the world!