Bee Good have been pollinating awards! They just keep coming. Their 3-in-1 Mint Cleansing Water (the perfect makeup remover for sensitive eyes) won a Beauty Shortlist Award in March, their 2-in-1 Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser scooped up three more awards logos and the latest Winner in the Bee Good beauty hive is the new Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator, WINNER of the CEW Beauty Awards 2015. (We haven’t tried the Exfoliator though, yet, have you?)

Speaking of Awards, we’ve just opened our 2016 Awards this week (the Online Entry Form is at the top of the home page) so it’ll be interesting to see how Bee Good do in March.

Here are a few of our favourites…


Lip Balm + Hand Cream + New Forest “bee” chocolates – yes please! £15

So good it’s now available in a super-value duo set! British Beauty Blogger Jane is a fan of this, too!

Sweeps off makeup (including eyes), tones and hydrates

£16.50 for the two (or £10 for one)


Bee Good’s award-winning Cream Cleanser also comes in a 30ml travel size, £4.95. I’ve tried this, it’s great for sensitive skins or dry/more mature skin that will happily drink up a nice, creamy soft cleanser!

Last on our A-List Bee list, THIS! Raspberry & White Chocolate Lip Balm for under £5.

Gentle, bee-inspired beauty at “no sting” prices – the bee puns could go on forever, yes, so we’ll stop now!


Results-driven skincare with a conscience, created by Simon (a beekeeper) and Caroline

Made in England

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