HEALING BEAUTY: HEAL GEL EYE – Winner “Best Advanced Eye Treatment 2015”


Heal Gel has such an interesting story behind it.  I remember using the original Heal Gel when it first launched, which came in a pot. It was a soothing, “mending” balm invented by a team of plastic surgeons, including Natasha McElhone’s late husband, Martin Kelly MD FRCS who co-founded FACING THE WORLD, a charity offering life changing facial surgery in the UK for children with severe facial disfigurements who cannot be treated in their home countries.

Then one day, Heal Gel launched its first ever skincare capsule collection quickly went on to woo new fans and win awards, so in honour of that original little pot, here’s one of our summer 2015 “eye therapy” favourites – Heal Gel Eye.

If you love a light, silky gel-serum hybrid eye product that firms, brightens and does more than simply minimise crows feet, this product fits firmly in that league.



Heal Gels for Face, Eyes, Body and the Heal Gel Intensive skin repairer

5 reasons we liked HEAL GEL EYE when we tested it prior to the 2015 Awards:

1) It’s corrective: designed to diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

2) Helps “de-puff” the eye area – thanks to Arnica, a powerful anti-inflammatory.

3) Works nicely as a base for under eye concealer, preventing it from “caking” and adding reflective luminosity.

4) Contains peptides and biodynes to soothe, firm and boost skin’s all important collagen production factor.

5) Light diffusers in the formula help brighten sallow or dark areas to help “wake up” tired eyes.

Oops! There’s one more noteworthy benefit, No. 6…

Heal Gel Eye contains HA (hyaluronic acid) which is the most moisture-boosting ingredient in skincare, which attracts moisture to skin, and keeps moisture in. If you live in a dry climate, or have the central heating on during winter, this ingredient is literally a lifesaver for your face.

Haven’t tried Heal Gel yet? Have a quick “test” next time you’re at a Space.NK counter.

The whole Heal Gel range is available at  various other retailers including CultBeauty.co.uk and the original Heal Gel home, HealGel.co.uk



HEAL GEL EYE £32     

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