If you’ve been tempted to try Inner Soul but have not yet dived in, there’s 20% off Inner-Soul Organics at the moment in honour of their new Snooze Mask launch!  Founder Emma Coleman is also giving Beauty Shortlist followers  a chance to win her (different!) ‘All About You’ competition  – if you’ve ever wanted to design your own beauty product, you’ll have fun with this one.

Luxury multi award-winning British brand Inner-Soul Organics designs skincare for the modern woman, showcased through Emma’s carefully formulated, multi-tasking collection for face, bath, body and maternity, and every product is created to save time and tackle the skin issues women tend to deal with most.

Inner Soul’s Barefaced Beauty Serum and Scandinavian Body Scrub were Finalists in The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2014 – and again in 2015 – respectively.


Starting today, and all through July Inner-Soul are offering an exclusive 20% off  for all Beauty Shortlist followers and subscribers – simply enter BEAUTYSHORTLIST20 at checkout at www.inner-soul.co.uk.

New for Summer 2015: Inner Soul’s French Snooze Mask

This “more you time” Organic Silk and French Lavender Snooze Mask is a gorgeous new addition to the Inner Soul collection.

A luxurious comfort pillow after a mad, long day, Emma drew on her heritage as an aromatherapist to create her latest launch. Made from 100% Soil Association certified organic silk and bursting with gorgeously scented lavender flowers, did you know that silk naturally contains a protein called Cellular Albumen which has anti-ageing properties? As soon as it’s applied,this mask immediately cools and de-puffs the entire eye area.

Emma chose lavender grown in the Provence regions of France because it has a wonderfully light, modern scent compared to some of the English versions and immediately creates a deep sense of calm and serenity – it’s said to boost immunity and keep allergies, colds and viruses at bay.

The Snooze Masks have been specifically designed as a way to aid sleep and are made in London and Kent.

And apparently we’re a very sleep deprived nation (hardly a surprise!)

Emma says, “Around 1/3 of the British population is said to suffer from insomnia and we all know this can lead to swelling and dark circles. I wanted to provide something to comfort the eyes whilst aiding restful sleep too. Whether it’s a new baby, stress, or just a bit too much caffeine which is leading to a wakeful night, I wanted this to be something which can be kept beside the bed as a daily solution.”

In keeping with the brand’s artisan-style, bespoke philosophy, these little personal silk lavender pillows have a velcro fastening at one end which can be opened up for refilling the pillow with an alternative dried extract – so you could use rose petals, chamomile or new lavender as the next refill.

Read more at www.inner-soul.co.uk/snooze-mask


Inner Soul’s new Snooze Mask, made from 100% organic French Lavender Flowers



Design your own Inner Soul Gift Set

Emma is giving you free reign to come up with your own completely original idea and create your wishlist gift set made with your favourite ingredients – and then pitch it to her!

The competition launches today and runs until July 31st across Inner Soul’s social media channels (see below) and the winner will win his or her own bespoke Inner Soul gift set, created by Inner Soul using only quality botanical and pure, organic extracts.

In addition, 4 other entrants will also be chosen completely at random to receive the winning gift set concept, which will be available to buy at Inner-Soul Organics‘ website in early November.

Maybe you’ve got a specific skincare issue which needs sorting out with a trio of targeted products? Or you could design your own set of wonder working do-everything balms. Or a cute little gift set for long weekends.

Submit your idea here or enter via one of Inner-Soul’s social media channels below. Send in your entry online by midnight July 31st. Best of luck!!!

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Giving Back

Inner-Soul Organics is an official supporter of charities the Katie Piper Foundation (No.113313) and Burgess Autistic trust (No.1002032)

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