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REN’s Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial launched exclusively at Space.NK this month…and we like it!

If you’ve been eyeing this one as an overnight treatment, here’s the lowdown:

What’s different about it?

Highly active, it’s a 3-step cell-renewing treatment that works overtime while you sleep.

Formulated to suit all skin types except sensitive – and, this is important –  if you’re going to be in the sun a lot this summer you need to make sure you pile on the SPF for a week after you discontinue using this because it’s a product (like Retinol-based products) that encourages cell turnover.


Here’s what it was designed to do:

1) First, the exfoliating/brightening effect of the acid and enzyme complex kicks in.

2) Next, Glycogen and Magnesium work to increase cell energy which means they act as revitalisers. Magnesium is a pretty potent, calming anti-inflammatory mineral and interestingly, it’s the second most abundant mineral in our bodies. In experiments, rats deprived of magnesium developed allergies, something of a clue to how vital magnesium really is.  (If you struggle with eczema, look for a cream with magnesium in it and look at taking a supplement – Lifestream’s Marine Mineral Powderextracted from seawater, is an excellent one).

3) Wake Wonderful also contains Sodium Lactate to gradually raise skin’s optimal pH, leaving it plumper and more rejuvenated looking.

This is one of those (relatively rare) products that you can see a difference with pretty much instantly.  Longer term (e.g. 2 weeks), REN’s testers (age 35+) reported healthier, more radiant skin and less visible wrinkles (90%), a radiance boost (50%) and actual wrinkle depth was reduced further to an average of 18%.

What’s the texture like?

You’ll recognise the signature REN scent (that oh so subtle, summery grapefruit/orange/bergamot hybrid) but it’s really barely there so if you’re not a fan of scented skincare, this is beautifully light.

Texture-wise, there’s shea butter, rice bran oil and blackcurrant seed oil in here but there’s nothing buttery, oily or rich about it. It’s a pure white, light lotion, and you just need 2-3 pumps at night (avoiding your eye area but including neck downwards – two areas that seem to suffer from accelerated ageing in summer, as well as hands!) For best results use 2-3 times a week – not daily.

Bio Extracts

Arctic Blackcurrant Seed Oil (Omega 3, a skincare superstar REN loves)

Glycogen and Magnesium

Cranberry Seed Oil

Lactic and Glycolic Acid

Sodium Lactate

If you’ve been keeping an eye out for an overnight product that encourages cell turnover and a fresher, more radiant look over time, Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial is pretty nicely priced at £32/40ml. Use after your serum but before your moisturiser.  (And don’t forget the SPF!)

WAKE WONDERFUL NIGHT-TIME FACIAL – exclusively at SPACE.NK from June 2015

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