FIRST LIGHT candle by La Montana

“On our mountain, at first light, there’s a heavenly fragrance in the air.  Before anyone starts an engine, or lights a fire, the air is clear, and still, and silent….”

…and so begins the La Montana fairytale, the story of four candles created by Cass and Jonathan Hall,  inspired by their move to a hillside retreat in Spain.

“The first breath of the day carries the perfume of wild mountain herbs; fennel, rosemary, mountain pepper, and intoxicating rockrose.  

The inspiration for our first candle, FIRST LIGHT.”

When First Light arrived, it came beautifully boxed with scent card strips to sample the other three candles in the collection.

I don’t often write reviews on retail sites (I probably should!) but this candle is so original, I had to.

Picture yourself waking up on a mountain in the Med somewhere this weekend, prizing open the creaky wooden shutters to let the morning light in.  The dew is just coming off the mountain as the day beings to warm up…a subtle sweet herbal scent with just a touch of  a floral note wafts in the breeze connecting you with the landscape outside.

First Light is that summer candle.

And when it’s time for the first (or last) coffee of the day, La Montana have a candle for that, too – Alfredo’s Cafe.

If you’re a candle-holic like me and haven’t discovered La Montana yet, these candles are refreshingly original and will transport you to a place where a warm breeze blows, orange trees dot the countryside and the night sky is filled with a million bright stars…

La Montana candles are  available at, selected UK retailers and from Cass and Jonathan’s beautiful website,

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One response to “FIRST LIGHT candle by La Montana”

  1. Hi Fiona

    I can’t tell you what a thrill it is when someone not only loves the candles, but ‘gets’ the brand, and writes so well about it. Thank you so much.

    As we say here in Spain: un abrazo (a hug)

    Jonathan & Cass