“Almost 3 decades in the hairdressing industry has taught me that hair loves to be natural” – Tabitha James Kraan.

There’s a lot to love about this fresh, natural brand and Tabitha’s eco ethics are implemented every day at her luxe Cotswolds salon – e.g. 85% recycling) where her team share her 3-point hair care philosophy.  It’s all about:

1) Correct cleansing of both hair and the scalp

2) Oil balancing, which is where a really good hair oil like TJK’s (Finalist, 2015 Beauty Shortlist Awards) comes in.  Rather than making an oily scalp even oilier, as you’d logically imagine, the real deal is that using the right oil will slow the build up of sebum (in the same way that using an oil cleanser can finally “cure” oily skin)

3) Tabitha’s decades of salon experience have taught her that working with pure, natural ingredients work best long term, to keep hair fundamentally healthy at a deeper level, so natural & organic is a core part of her brand’s USP.

There’s a great shop on the website, featuring skincare as well as hair heroes, including those beauty ed favourites, award-winning Konjac Facial Sponges, skincare expert Jane Scrivner’s ultra-nourishing products and brands like John Masters Organics – another good one.

If you’re feeling a little hair despairing pre- sun-bleached, sea salt tangled season, as TJK fans will tell you, Tabitha’s range is a rather lovely one!

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