Put in a Tisserand order before this coming Sunday and you’ll get a 30% OFF discount  – rather nice! Simply enter AROMA30 at checkout. (Note, though, this is an online offer only).

Tisserand have literally just launched their NEW Wellbeing Collection (which we’ll be looking at in detail soon) in addition to their beautiful – and, I think, extremely affordable – range of flower and plant-based therapeutic bath and body products, and their wonderful mini bottles of vaporising room oils are so good.  I’ve been using them quite a bit lately, to help me concentrate at work and wind down before bed.



If…you’re in the market for a new summer holiday hand cream, Tisserand’s formulas hit the spot as they’re really hydrating but you don’t have to hire a chauffeur due to “slippery palms syndrome” in the car. I’m halfway through the Signature “Intensive” Blend Hand Cream and their NEW Sweet Dreams collection is adorable, too.

sweet dreams

I think this offer ends at midnight on Sunday – need to double check – but I wanted to let you know as soon as I saw the offer.

Robert Tisserand’s brand has a special aromatherapy heritage and story behind it. It’s one of my desert island brands – affordable without this weekend’s offer and even more tempting when there’s a whole 30% OFF.

Celebrating Aromatherapy Awareness Week June 8-14.



The never-without-one hand creams…

hand cream trio

Almost time for an auto-reorder…

Here’s the Signature Blend one in the middle – it’s the “intensive” formula out of the three and a great hand cream for gardeners (or if you cook and wash up a lot!)  

I really do like these as they don’t leave you with slippery “steering wheel” hands so you can use them before you get in the car – and while you’re parked, waiting for your other half to reappear from a shop.

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