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Quickly get this out of the way (I hate green tea and I’m not much of a matcha fan). But…

I’ve been looking at ways to supplement my nutritional intake “without supplements” and Bloom Tea’s innovative Matcha Range looked interesting. Unlike most teas, you actually drink the whole ground leaf powder.

My two favourite Bloom Matcha Tea Powders so far are:

mojito mint


Powdered Matcha Green Tea 70%, Peppermint 20% and Natural Lime Flavour 10%

I brew it first, mix in ice cold milk (or soy/almond, etc.) and add a drizzle of natural sweetener (agave/honey, whatever you love).

It’s pretty delicious as a cooling summer drink and you could add a little extra natural peppermint extract.

matcha the day

b) The TROPICAL MATCHA with mango flavouring. The mango takes the edge off the matcha taste a bit, I’ve been drinking this one in the morning.

Not forgetting the CHILLOUT ROOIBOS, though…!

I’m a bit semi-addicted to one of the technically ‘non-matchas’ in the range, the CHILLOUT ROOIBOS, it’s a mix of powdered South African Rooibos, Carob, Lavender and Natural Cream Caramel Flavouring.  I’ve played around with this one, adding a sprinkle of raw cocoa powder and agave nectar – and again, ice cold milk – but the more I drink it, the more I’m veering back to basics, using less raw cocoa powder and agave.  Bloom’s Chillout Rooibos is the sort of taste that will get your taste-buds thinking –  a hint of chocolatey carob here, a suggestion of Lavender there…

This blend has been my new end of the day cool-down tea, this week (and it’s caffeine-free).

Not a Matcha…a Rooibos! Delicious, iced, with milk and a splash of agave nectar on a warm summer’s afternoon 



Matcha has:

  • Around 137 times more antioxidants than green tea, including powerful EGCg (cancer-fighting)
  • Metabolism boosting properties
  • Mind-calming properties
  • Fibre, Vitamin C, selenium (essential for hypothyroid issues), chromium (helps regulate blood sugar), zinc (hair, nails, immune system), magnesium (a natural calmer) – and one cup of match = 10 of green tea!

Bloom created all of their special Matcha Blends to enjoy at different times of day, with 30 servings in a jar.  Some of the blends are on special offer at the moment – check out all of the Matcha Blends HERE.

I’m still struggling with the “straight” Matcha powder(s). Just don’t like the taste.

But I’ve become a Chillout Rooibos, Tropical Matcha and Mojito Matcha convert, definitely love these teas!

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