Dreaming of OMAN…Jo Malone’s new Incense & Cedrat Cologne

jo malone cedrat

What’s new for June? Jo Malone London have just launched their latest creation, Incense & Cedrat, a summer homage to Oman.

Fragrance’s borderline magical, instant connection with our limbic system  – aka the part of our brain linked to our emotions – can transport us to a time, a person and a place in a split second, such is scent’s power to evoke and replay emotions.

It’s always exciting to see a new Jo Malone London launch and Incense & Cedrat could well be in the running as one of the most exotic and mystical fragrances we’ll see this year.

Jo Malone London calls it:

Precious incense. Once more treasured than gold. From a vision of fragrant tears crystallising under the Oman sun into gems of balsamic scent. The warmth of unfurling resins woven with the brightness of cedrat. A luminous citrus twist. Majestic and mystical”

For the full lowdown, fragrance blogger Candy Perfume Boy describes it quite beautifully here

Beauty is in the nose of the beholder so book your flying carpet, pour a mid-air mint tea and take a trip to Oman…



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